About me


at the Metcalf Wildlife Refuge


I am a native Missoulian, one of the few I know.  For those of you who don’t know, Missoula is in what has come to be called “the Last Best Place,” or in other words, Montana.  As is true of everyone I suppose, I am who I am because of where I am from.  A sense of place is especially important to Montanans.

I have received two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Montana, one in Business Management and the other in Education.  I retired two years ago from my career of teaching, and had just started to look again for my next career when the job market went kerplunk.  Thus, I find myself with a lot of time on my hands, in between getting turned down for yet another possible job.

I have started this project of training to complete the Missoula Marathon, not entirely on a whim.  It has always been a secret fantasy of mine to participate in a marathon, which is odd since I haven’t really run since I was first in college.  If I can do it while raising money for a good cause, I will be able to mark another item off my bucket list.  (Is that term becoming too jaded, now?)

As you will see in my first post, my first husband was killed two years, one month and sixteen days after we were married.  I may write a post about that some day, or perhaps not; but again, I am who I am, in large part because of that experience.

But, because of some strong pulling of strings in heaven, (yes I do believe that,) four years after my first husband died, I married the most wonderful man in the world, which I guess makes me the luckiest woman in the world.  My husband is very supportive of this crazy project, and knows that I am a happier girl if I have something to work towards.  I will probably be writing about him, in future posts, as well, since not much happens in this life that doesn’t involve him.

Jim and I share our little house with three cats, a parrot and a snake, but no human children.  We feel truly blessed to live near Greenough Park, where right outside our door are the beginnings of all sorts of wonderful trails and hikes.  

I am very grateful that you have spent time reading this little bit about me.  Such an odd thing, the internet is, don’t you think? We may never meet in person, but connections are important.  The web of life is made of many strands.



  1. from Brother Dave:
    That’s wonderful! I predict it will do you more good than you ever dreamed.

    It broke my heart to read the story of the police officer’s widow, and recall the horrible day when we got your call so long ago.

  2. Yippeee! Kimberly has passed brother Bill’s house and is soon to be at the finish line. Lots of cheering going on. I could hear it from here.

  3. Not sure if you remember me. My brother Jake McClain and I went through CS Porter a while back. I have a list of things to do before I leave this earth and running a marathon is one of them! You are so inspiring.

  4. Just found your blog, and am so inspired by you. Not just reasons for starting this journey, but by you. I find so many parallels to my life, and over-weight woman in her 50’s. I walked my first half-marthon last year, because I believed it was a mountain, near impossible in itself, but do able. A marathon, walked or ran unimmaginable. Yet you did it. This year I want to do 3 half marathons, improve my time and begin to imagine that I could run. Thanks for sharing.

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