Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | February 7, 2011

Steps in the right direction

Last week, my sweet husband, knowing that I had a day from hell ahead of me and no energy to begin it with, asked me how I handled “hitting the wall” in my two marathons.  And the way I did it was by keeping my eye on the horizon and just taking it step by step, no matter how much it hurt,  (there were times when it hurt a little bit) and not allowing myself to stop.  Forcing through.  Keep moving. Just DO it.  

Life can be like that at any given time.  When our bodies are exhausted, our souls sick, our brains tired and our will to continue is hanging by a thread, I guess the only way we see our way to the finish line is by taking it step by step.  Step by step in the right direction.  The finish line is out there, waiting for us.  And we will all make it to the goal.  Sometimes our steps are pretty darned small; in fact resting can be a step, as well, as the progress is made within, visible to only ourselves.  And sometimes our steps are big and the linear progress is visible to others

My mom is still working her way to the finish line.  She’s gone through a really rough patch lately, with a saddened heart and a soul so sick she didn’t feel the urge to continue.  But continue she did.  And this morning, and yesterday morning, she called me up early to tell me about a big goal she had accomplished for herself.  The joy with which she spoke let me know that my mom is still there, still taking those steps in the right direction.  Today I start the process of getting her back home.  

Our race is individual, particular to each one of us.  The goal, the finish line awaits. Step by step we get there.  Steps in the right direction.  

Go forward, my friends.



  1. Wise words! Best wishes to your mom as her recovery continues as well as to you as you continue moving towards your goals.

  2. Years ago I had traned for a marathon. While I was unable to run it(due to being ill), I understand the exhileration one feels training for it and being ready. Ten years later I developed my incomplete spinal cord injury. Through intensive physical therapy, I learned to walk again. (Not as well as before–with a cane.)
    They say the 20 mile mark of the marathon is “the wall.” Though I didn’t get to run a marathon and know what that wall feels like-I know that wall would have blocked me briefly than the one my spinal cord injury presents. Just like I’m sure I would have done in the marathon, you endure. Someday ..we’ll break the tape and the prize will await us.

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