Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | January 31, 2011

After two weeks…

…again this will be a short post.  Even though I have been “gone” for two weeks (from my blog), my well of creativity, motivation and energy is simply not deep enough to draw from; I do, however, owe an explanation for my absence.

My mom went into first into the ER and then the hospital, and stayed for a week. Drastic, scary, and there were many hours when I thought she wasn’t coming out again.  Knowing that it will happen someday, trying to prepare myself for that eventuality while keeping track of all the business of keeping someone in the hospital … well, there’s a lot to be done, but I’ve had the experience before and knew what to expect. My brother came from Spokane to help, which allowed me to go back to work. A blessing to have him here! We have moved my mother to a nursing home as an interim step before (hopefully) she goes back home. 

One bittersweet moment worth mentioning in this very self-centered blog is sitting with my mom in the hospital the morning of my 55th birthday.  She didn’t remember that it was my birthday, but it allowed me the time to think that, well, this is where we began our relationship, alone together in the hospital.

Yes, I have in the past week, magically gone from being the oldest in race age groups to being the youngest.  That, and the huge bunch of lovely long-stemmed roses from my precious husband, are the amongst the very few good things about the day.  I came home that day, after moving Mom to the nursing home, to  a phone call from my credit card company that my card number had been stolen and there had been many charges made on it at a Target in San Mateo, California.  Oh, joy.

And lastly, and certainly least importantly, my lovely job went to heck in a handbasket this week.  Can one say that about a job in a church without going to heck?  I’m still employed, but only because I didn’t storm out in a fit of justly earned rage.  I know that I will stop losing hours of sleep over this, and I still love my job, but this week, it just felt like the last dang straw.

And this morning, I take my mom to her doctor’s appointment, and it is 5 degrees and the wind is screaming.

Ah, well.  Thanks for listening to me whine.  (Golly, I had to go back and add an “h” to that word… is that Freudian, or what?)


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