Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | January 3, 2011

A Blessed New Year

My grandmother, (all of my sibs and cousins called her Mama Marge,) used that word often – “blessed.”  And she pronounced it with two syllables.  Once in a very great while, I would be a good enough person to be called “a blessed child” by my Mama Marge… but I wasn’t often that good.  As a child I tended more towards the naughty than the blessed, which may or may not come as a surprise to my current friends, depending on how well and deeply you know me.  But the thing about Mama Marge, and also my wonderful father, whose favorite saying was “We are lucky peoples”, is that both of them said it all the time how very lucky and blessed (one syllable, now) we are/were/have been.  In great part due to those two people, my mother’s mother and my father, I have cherished knowing that the blessings which abound in my life aren’t there from serendipity, but are there because we have made good choices, have worked hard, saved hard, and once in awhile, when we HAVE  been lucky, we have been smart enough to realize it and grab on to that luck and not let go.  This is not to say that my grandmother and my father thought such blessings were ours by right or that the blessings were permanent… no, rather we were taught from the beginning that life is fragile, health is to be cared for, and joys are to be cherished, because it can all disappear in a flash of lightning, so to speak.  And what happens then?  Well, we were taught that you give yourself time to heal, and then you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start out working hard, saving hard and being aware of your blessings, all over again.

My new year has started out blessed indeed.  Jim and I have two new housemates… feline brothers who ended up at the Humane Society because their previous parent was dealing with cancer and could no longer care for them.  Though I miss my “three banshees” as Jim called Marmalade, Jelly and Rufus, though I miss them sorely, my soul is a little happier knowing that we could make a home for two other heartbroken critters.  My new babies are becoming happy here in their new home.

As the new year started, I spent some time thinking about the previous year.  A year ago I was, in many ways, a different person from the one I am today.  Last year I made no New Year’s resolutions at all, but the year brought big changes in spite of me.  A year ago, if you had told me that not only would I complete two marathons, but that one of them would be the New York Marathon, I would simply have rolled on the floor laughing.  In fact, even today, I tend to roll on the floor laughing about it all.  Whodathunk, eh?   As I prepare now for a winter half-marathon, it still seems impossible to me.  My internal vision of myself is that I still weigh 225 pounds.  Stepping on the scale this morning, I am happy to report that my over-indulgence of Christmas chocolates didn’t totally derail my new body, but it is definitely time to get back to the straight and narrow.  I do not want my external vision to match the internal one, not no way, not no how.  

So, as the day begins and the week begins and the new year in front of us begins, I would like to wish each of you a very blessed New Year.  I feel so very blessed to be here, now; and so very blessed to have you in my life.  We are lucky peoples.



  1. Yup. We are lucky peoples. I am resolved to follow your example and make my internal self and my actual self be friends.

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