Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | November 19, 2010

We are back in “God’s Country”!

Hurray!  We are home!  It has been a lovely trip, full to the brim with people and talk and excitement and hugs and tears and love.  But now we are home in our cozy little house, and both of us look forward to spending the day in complete, pure silence.  No stereo.  No tv.  Just silence.

Since I am still kind of brain-dead, and since my sweet husband, who didn’t sleep well last night just got out of bed, I am going to just paste in the intro of my future book, as promised.  And that will be that, for today.  I’m home, well and happy, and cannot thank each of you enough for the lovely loving support you have given me.  Bless you!

From Couch Potato to Distance Athlete in Three Easy Lessons While Saving the World With the Help Of Superman

Confessions of a Self-Help Book Junkie


First of all, I have to say that there is only one thing in my main title that is actually true, and, oddly enough it is the last bit.  Whatever I have done in the last year HAS in fact, been done with the help of Superman.  I have imagined him flying low and slow, right there at my left hip, ready to give me a boost or a ride or a pep talk, and that help has gotten me through some very rough times.  

The other bits all have a basis in truth… for instance, I CAN be a couch potato, given half a chance.  I love nothing better than to curl up with a good book and a cat, while the rain pours down outside, and read the entire day away.  But, though I am lazier than I’d like to be, I try not to allow myself to do that to any great extent.  Life is meant to be LIVED, not read about (ooops, bad thing for a writer to say on the first page) and so I have always eventually put the book away and gotten back to living.

I also, have had at least a taste of being a distance athlete.  I have completed my second marathon.  That I did both of these marathons in one year, and that year was my 54th year on this planet, speaks in my favor.  But I do not actually see myself continuing on in the marathon club.  Half marathons?  Maybe.  And I certainly expect to keep my fitness level up, as I’ve said before, life is meant to be LIVED, and fitness adds to the enjoyment thereof.

Three easy lessons?  Oh, heck, that one isn’t true at all.  I just threw that in because that’s what ALL the good self-help books imply to get you to buy the dang book.  The lessons I learned on my way weren’t very easy ones, for the most part, and there were WAY more than three of them.  But the lessons and the learning of them are what this book is about, and if there were only three, the book would be too short to bother writing.

But Superman?  Oh, yes.  That part is very real.  And that leads me to the beginning of my story.



  1. Welcome back! I will suppress my urge to call because I know you need the rest.

    I goofed off all day yesterday, so welcome to the club.

  2. It’s nice the way you talk so kindly about your husband. That’s somewhat of a rarity these days, it seems to me.

    Welcome home!

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