Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | November 13, 2010

Goals and Other Dreams

Good morning.  It is 4:00 am here, and I am awake. Got to get on my sister-in-law’s computer when the chance avails itself.  Her husband is getting ready to go to work, so I know that I’m not the only one stirring in the house.  Jim and I are staying at his folks’ house on Long Island, and this has been a wonderful week of reconnecting family ties.  We visit and laugh until we cry.  They all stay up late, laughing and talking, while this ol’ country girl hits the hay at her usual time, but I love laying in bed listening to the buzz of voices above my head.  The one bad thing about living in Montana is that it is so far from the New York Dredgers.  Our house and home and parrot are being well-taken care of, far away, by our house-sitter, while we play and rest with family, here.  I simply love these people.  There are no bigger hearts in the world than those of my husband’s family.

Thank you so very much for all the comments here and posts on facebook, and thank you for your patience in my delay of getting photos here.  You’ll all have to wait even longer, I fear, as I want to wait until I get back to my own computer before I download any.  It is quite invasive, I feel, to use someone else’s computer for these things, and so it will wait.  Yes, my sweet sister Maggie has lovely photos which have been “borrowed” by me and the Reeve Foundation, with out Maggie getting her due, so you can see pics of the Missoula Marathon if you care to.  Just imagine taller buildings, more trees at the finish line, and all in all darker, since the time of day was so much later, and you’ll come close to what it looked like coming across the finish line in Central Park.  Add in a FEW more people, too, I guess.

So, the goal of a lifetime has been met and finished.  Now what?  I want to keep on walking, that is for sure.  I think, though, that I am done with the running.  I want my knees to last the rest of my life, and running is hard on old joints.  But fitness and being all in all a smaller person, yes, I like that part very much.   I like being able to touch my hip bone, a thing that someone who has never been heavy wouldn’t understand.  I like seeing a long, lean line of femur going down from hip bone to knee.  I like wearing a size 6 pair of jeans.  So, exercise has to remain a constant now.  I also enjoy the camaraderie of sports events, and so fully intend to continue to find walker-friendly races.  Shorter ones, though, for the most part.  Will there be another marathon in my future?  Ask me that in another few months, after I forget the pain of this one.

However, no matter how much it hurts, the thrill of finishing such a big goal is completely worth the pain and the effort.  I easily see how people get addicted to this.  I’ve read books about people who run 100 marathons in 100 consecutive days, of people who run marathons in each state, and even of one crazy guy who runs a marathon, a real marathon race every single day, and has for more than a year.  The logistics of travel boggle the mind, let alone the wear and tear on the guy’s body.  No danger of me going THAT route, I’ll tell you.

I have another goal in mind, though.  It had to wait until the many hours of training had “run” their course.  But, as I did last February when I threw my hat over the fence to start training for my first marathon, I guess I’ll just go ahead and make it public, so that you all will help keep me honest in my next venture.  As I’ve said before, “Yikes, do I really want the world to know?”  Ummm, no, because if I tell the world, it will be embarrassing to drop out.  So, here it goes, I’ll tell the world so that I hopefully won’t drop out  (remember, I wasn’t sure I was finishing the NYC Marathon, even after mile 25….)  I want to write a book.  I’ve wanted to do it for a very long time, and I think it is a worthy goal.  I even have a working title…


For my introduction, see my next installment.

Go Forward, my friends, Go Forward.



  1. Kimberly,
    Of course you must write a book. You are an amazing woman and your words are so inspiring! I look forward to each and every post. And I love the title.


  2. Kimberly~
    Yeah–I am so glad you are enjoying Long Island and “might” even do another marathon. Remember how we talked of the Marine Corp Marathon in DC? I do hope you consider that goal as well.

    I am thrilled to hear you commit to a book and oh so hope you continue to keep your blog. I know I read it regularly and would miss it greatly.


  3. remember it’s pronounced long_gisland (hard to spell and get the pronunciation correct…) if you want to sound like a new yawka. i’m a lifetime nyc girl, living in jersey for now but plan to move to key west hopefully w/in the next year or two.

    while i’ll miss the big apple, it’s hard for me to get around in my clunky electric chair w/o someone running interference for me. key west is more pedestrian/bicycle/scooter/pedicab friendly and way fewer people. only 28,000 people live there year round and if you avoid the tourist hotspots, it’s ideal weather year round and much easier to get around in my chair.

    enjoy your stay and i look forward to your pix of my hometown!

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