Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | November 10, 2010

Completely humbled

Today is Wednesday, and I am starting to come out of my marathon fog.  My body feels good, if still a little sore, and I am completely humbled by the overwhelming support and love that has been showered upon me.  If you have been keeping track of my fund-raising totals, you will see that a new friend introduced to me by my dear B at Team Reeve, Matt Lexow donated a huge amount which put me over my goal. Thank you again, Matt!  You will always be in my heart.

All of the sweet comments on my blog have been so uplifting, as well.  Thank you. You all have carried me here, and I couldn’t have done it without you.  Thank you!

I wish I could show you, step by step what it was like on Sunday, running and walking through the neighborhoods of New York.  It was truly the experience of a lifetime, one I will never forget.  There never WAS a time, not until the very last 200 yards, when I was completely sure I was going to finish.  The only only only thing that kept me going, through the head wind, through the pain, through the exhaustion, was this great huge magnet waiting for me at the end… that is, knowing that Jim was there to meet me, knowing that he would be there to hold me as long as I needed, knowing that he would be crying with joy as I cried with relief, that THAT is what brought me to the finish line.  When I can get a photo posted here of me crossing that line, colors flying, you will see a smile on my face, and it was well earned.

Until I can get my own photos uploaded  (actually, and I know you know me well enough to not be surprised at this, I have to finish the roll and get them developed, as, NO, I didn’t carry a digital camera, rather a single use camera…. I know you aren’t surprised) I will have a page of photos here for you.  Until then, check out my facebook page.  I’ll repost a photo of my new friend Jennifer and me, wearing our new medals.  Hurray!  We did it!

And, by the way, my official time was 6:13:16,  better than Missoula, if not as good as I had hoped.  You know what?  I am proud of every dang minute of that time.



  1. Kimberly:
    I will wait patiently for the photos–it is worth waiting for. You were the magnet on the team, drawing many folks to you through your kindness and humble nature. Your call to me on Monday morning meant the world!
    Congrats on an amazing job, against a cold and strong headwind.
    Please keep the blog???

  2. And I’m dang proud of you for taking on the challenge!

    You’re very welcome for the help; together, through the Reeve Foundation, we can make a difference!

    Thanks again, you’re my hero!

  3. You have a great hubby! Kudos and congratulations to Jim as well.

    I hope you have a wonderful time with the Dredgers.

    Tell Jim D Sr. that I often think of him.

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