Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | November 4, 2010

“If I Can Make IT There, I’ll Make IT ANYWHERE…”

Tomorrow we fly out.  Hurray!  I am excited to get this started.  

I had a lovely discussion this morning with our house-sitter, as we were having breakfast.  My friend at the Missoulian, Michael Moore, wrote a simply superb column for his “Booming” section, and it was so very pertinent to me and my stage of life.

The title of his column is “Trying Hard is all there is”  and he speaks of reading a climbing article that said that after age 50, climbers should just try to maintain, that they can’t really improve their physical abilities, and so shouldn’t try.  That sentiment offended him, and so Michael has spent the last year proving it wrong.  He has dubbed this year, “The Year of Trying Hard.”  He has seen his physical fitness, very good to begin with, grow much stronger.  He has taken a big promotion at work.  And all in all, his life is much improved from this experiment.  

As has my own life been improved.  Tomorrow it starts.  Superman and Bob Heinle are going to have to carry me, I know, and I will spend time conversing with both of them, along the way.  But I’ll get there, to the finish line, with their help.  And with YOUR help.  Send me strong thoughts, please.  Be thinking of me.  I will need your thoughts and prayers, and all of the love you can send me.  

Thank you, each of you, so very much for all the support you have shown me this year, for all the donations to my site, and for all the kind words.  You will never know how much it means to me, to have you with me on this journey.  Bless you!  Thank you!  See you at the finish line!



  1. We know you can MAKE it THERE, you’re strong enough for ANYwhere… so go run and walk New York!
    Good luck and most of all – enjoy! – and be proud of what you do.

  2. Kim, good luck and best wishes on your marathon, I’m very proud of you and excited for you, sorry my donation was last-minute, but better late than never! Kendra

  3. Sorry I missed your sendoff, Kimberly. Thanks so much for your efforts, may you be blessed many times over! You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers especially today. Looking forward to your safe finish.


  4. Kimberly just called me from New York to report that she successfully completed the New York Marathon! Yippee! She was happy with her time, which she said was less than her time in the Missoula Marathon.

    What an amazing accomplishment! And she has raised over $5100 for Team Reeve! Holey Moley! That’s a lot of dough! Superman and Bob Heinle kept her going, as did all of your thoughts and prayers. I thank you for Kimberly, because all she needs now is to sleep!

  5. We’ve been thinking of you all day, from getting up (and checking the weather), to heading to church (at 11 AM NYC time), to heading home (at 4 PM NYC time) – hopefully, you were in a hot tub by then. God bless you for your inspiration – hope you had a wonderful day!

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