Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | November 2, 2010

“I want to wake up in the city that never sleeps…”

Five days from race day!  Yesterday I went through some major panic.  I watched all the YouTube videos I could of the New York City Marathon, and believe me, there are a bunch, so now I have a very good idea of what the start looks like, what the route looks like, and what the crowds look like.  I know I am going to be in pain most of the way, but I can deal with that as long as I remain mobile.  I just need to keep on moving.

And speaking of waking up in the city that never sleeps, here is how race day is going to begin for me.  Following a night of probably not sleeping, I will walk from my hotel to the Team Reeve bus, which leaves Central Park at 6:00 am.  The start of the race is on Staten Island, and I imagine it will take an hour to get there.  Now, you probably know that this year there are 45,000 participants in the NYC marathon, and they all can’t start at once.  There are three waves, or three beginning times.  I am in the last wave, and so I will be lining up to start at 10:40 am.  Wish it was earlier, but you get what you get.  I will definitely be dealing with nerves etc. during the time between when the bus gets to Staten Island, and when I start.  John “the Penguin” Bingham says that you spend this time by immediately getting into the porta-potty line, going to the bathroom, then getting back in the porta-potty line until it is finally time to line up.  I’ll take his word on it.  He hasn’t failed me in his advice yet.

After the gun, I will walk/run but mainly walk the first three miles until the first water station.  I’ll be walking for two reasons… one is that there are so many people in such a tight crowd that running can be problematic.  The second reason is that I know my knee isn’t going to do well, and I want to make sure it has lots of time to warm up, and I want to give it as much a chance as possible to finish strongly.  

I envision the finish line in Central Park.  I envision myself seeing it coming into view, and myself coming closer to it.  I envision myself coming up to and crossing the finish line, with my Team Reeve colors flying.  I can do this.  I CAN DO THIS!   (Oh, please, I can do this, can’t I?)

Just so you know, I am not taking my computer with me, but I will definitely be getting on a computer as soon as I can on Monday or Tuesday to let you all know that I survived, and to let you know my time.  

Our house-sitter is well ensconced already, to take care of house and parrot.  We are leaving everything secure and well watched over.  Nothing to worry about that we can control.  And so, my friends, thank you for your patience as I walk myself through the plan.  I’ll post again before we leave.

Go forward!



  1. good luck! you will have a blast! the crowd cheering right after staten island all the way to the finish line will carry and propel you to the finish line. have fun at the race 🙂

  2. Woo hoo! Good luck Kimberly!

  3. I don’t understand the logic of starting the race on Staten Island. Is there a bridge? If so, the marathon would tie it up for a very long time, wouldn’t it?

    Take care, my dear sister. Walk to finish healthy. I know it will hurt, but don’t do damage to your body. Promise?

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