Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | October 30, 2010

“I Want to Be a Part of It, New York, New York…”

I had to get another post on QUICK to let people know I’m really OKAY!  I received a phone call first thing this morning from my sweet sister-in-law in Maine, worried that I was circling the bowl, so to speak, and NO, I’m really doing just fine.  These feelings of “Yikes!  I don’t have enough time to get ready!”  and “Oh, heck!  I’ve forgotten how to walk!”  these feelings are just normal nerves.  I DO want to be a part of this whole marvelous experience, and before you know it, I will be there!

I wish YOU all could have been a part of my training run today.  It was simply marvelous.  Jim and I live across the street from a lovely park, which has a small amount of landscaping but is mostly, and we’re talking a large area, here, mostly left natural by design, and actually also by decree.  The people who donated the land, many years ago, to the city, said that the city could keep it as long as it was mostly kept in its natural state.  And its natural state is beautiful, indeed.  Right now the maples are bright yellow, and the ponderosa pines are strong and beautiful and green against the Montana blue sky.  I chose to stay close to home for this run, as I am really trying to figure out a mental formula on how much to run, how much to walk, so that my knee doesn’t die on me half way through.  Yeah, well.  Still pretty bad, but the brace helped, and it didn’t start screaming until oh, five miles into it. HOWEVER, the important part here, is this was a gorgeous day to be running around Greenough Park.  Simply lovely.  The part of the path I follow is 1 1/4 miles, so I could keep a really close idea of when to walk, when to run.  Rattlesnake Creek runs right through the park, and it was burbling merrily towards town.  BIG pile of bear poop on the path.  And hey, we are talking TOWN, here, not country.  And then, oh, and then, coming down the hill I saw an elderly couple gazing at the creek.  They flagged me down and said, “You have to look at this!”  A huge bald eagle, honestly the biggest I’ve ever seen, was just sitting on a rock in the middle of the creek, totally unconcerned about us.  We visited a few minutes and watched the eagle, and he just sat there, waiting for his lunch.  If I had had a camera, no one would believe that the photo was taken without a telephoto lens.  Such a treasure!

I love the contrast that I will be experiencing, running by bear poop and eagles one week and running by skyscrapers and big bridges and museums and Central Park and all, the very next week.  Yes, this is the experience of a lifetime.  I’m loving it.

10/30 – 8 miles run/walking.  Looks like I can do a 4 to 1, or a 3 to 2 run to walk.  (But my knee still ain’t a lady.  The words she knows!)


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