Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | October 29, 2010

“These Vagabond Shoes…”

are sunk in a big tub of concrete.  And the concrete is seeping higher and higher,  Oh heck it’s up to my neck!  People tell me this is a natural side-effect of dealing with the last couple weeks before a marathon, but it sure is darned uncomfortable.  Energy, which is supposed to be brimming right about now, is simply gone.  My brain is sluggish, even when I can make my feet move.

I stop, take a great big deep breath.

One week from today, Jim and I will be on the airplane, on our way to New York.  We are leaving our house and Jocko in good, reliable hands, and everything at home will be well watched out for, and well taken care of.  And we will be fine, too.  I recall that line from the first “Superman” when Lois Lane falls out of the airplane, and Superman reaches for her.  He says, “Don’t worry, I’ve got you!”  And she screams, “You’ve got me?  Who’s got you?”  Well, I guess I have to say, we’ll be flying with Superman, ’cause I’m going to need every ounce of energy and help from him that he can give.

10/23 – 10 miles
10/25 – 3 1/2 miles
10/27 – 3 1/2 miles
10/29 – 2 miles
Weight 10/29 155 lbs.



  1. You’ll be swell – You’ll be Great – I can tell – Just you Wait….

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