Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | October 24, 2010

Many thanks!

With one of those serendipitous happenings, last week brought a plethora of good news in my mail box.  And so, it is time to do some serious horn-blowing, cheering and yahoo-ing!  Yahoo and hurray and many many thanks!

First of all, I want to shout out loud and long about a wonderful business here in town. This is the place to which I went when my foot was hurting and needed “the boot” and this is the place that my sweet husband Jim went to when he fell at work and tore his rotator cuff.  And it turns out that they are one of the most generous and marvelous groups of people you’d ever want to meet.  MISSOULA BONE AND JOINT and MISSOULA BONE AND JOINT SURGERY CENTER both sent me checks to be my sponsors for our trip to New York.  Such marvelous people!  Thank you thank you thank you!  Before this, I would always highly recommend them for their excellent work and good care of people with injuries, but now I find out they also have great heart.  WONDERFUL PEOPLE!

Secondly, I received a sponsorship check also, from SCARIANO CONSTRUCTION, here in Missoula.  These are the people who did the remodel for us on Grace and Earl’s house, turning it in to OUR house, and we live with and love their work every day.  Frank Scariano is an athlete himself, and is a blessing to our community, and so I am glad to say,” Thank you, Scariano Construction!  Missoula is lucky to have you!”  

And then, the very next day after these checks arrived, I received a letter from LovinBrotherBill.  Now, his letters frequently bring tears to my eyes because he is a good writer, and a man with a heart as big as the world who loves to show his love, but this particular letter simply had me sobbing.  You see, Bill and his sweet wife, my lovely sister-in-law Michelle, are living in Maine for a year, while Bill is in a wood-working school.  They need every penny they can get, because funds are tight.  But Bill sent me the money from his birthday, saying that it was his present and he could do anything with it he wanted.  What he wanted to do with his birthday money was give it to me, so that he could be a part of my experience in New York.  He would have been there in my heart, anyway, but you know what?  You don’t argue with a Marine… and so, my sweet and loving brother Bill, I will take you to New York with me and together we will cross the Verrazano Bridge at the start and together we will cross the finish line in Central Park.  Thank you, my brother.

My family has been so very supportive of my project.  My eldest brother David sent the Reeve Foundation money that he can ill-afford from his personal funds, and also passed on money which he won’t take credit for, which he refers to as the Miracle Chain.  So when you see those words on the scroll bar on my donation site, you can know that money came from David too.  He wanted to not have me say anything about it, but I just decided to out-vote him.  

My sister Maggie not only has sent money to the Reeve Foundation, but also came up to Montana to watch me cross the finish line of my first marathon, and anyone who has ever come here knows that it is danged expensive to fly in and out of Montana. She did it anyway, for her little sister.  

I am truly, truly blessed.  I have people who love me and people who support me.  I pray that the donations which come in will continue to rise, so that my goal is reached for the Reeve Foundation.  If you haven’t been there yet, you can check out my fund-raising page, simply by clicking on the second link from the top, right there at the top. The Reeve Foundation is simply working miracles with this money.  Bless you.

10/19 – 2 miles
10/20 – 2 miles
10/21 – 2 miles and push-ups and abs work
10/22 – 2 miles
10/23 – 10 miles
10/24 – push-ups and abs work



  1. That’s fantastic! I send my thanks to them as well. I can’t believe their generosity!

  2. We are lucky to have you as our sister. We’re so proud!

  3. The world is full of wonderful people. Thanks for telling us about these!

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