Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | October 19, 2010

“Do or Do Not….

…. There is no ‘Try.’ ”  Yoda

This was my mantra as I was on the road yesterday, completing my 20… my last long… my final long training run/walk.  

I did it, but it wasn’t nice and it wasn’t pretty.  I started out feeling very confident, very happy that I had made progress.  And in the over-confidence, though I was hearing the voice in the back of my head saying “Negative Splits… Take it slow at first,”  after I warmed up by walking a mile, I ran most of the rest of the first half.  I came to the half-way point feeling very happy with myself, as my time was great. I rehydrated, used the Ladies’ Room, rested and stretched and started back on the last half and my knee, which admittedly had been talking to me, started yelling and screaming very nasty swear words at me.  (Turns out my knee isn’t much of a lady, either.)  

No running on the way back.  So, instead of a negative split, where the last half is faster than the first half, I had a positive plus split.  Instead of doing my 20 with a better time than I had in June, training for the Missoula Marathon, I was dang lucky to finish at all, and finished with exactly the same time as in June.  

So, heck.  At least I have already had, for some time, a doctor’s appointment scheduled for this week, the same doc who took care of my foot.  She’s an athlete and a marathoner herself, so I trust her input.  I expect her to give me good advice and a knee wrap, and tell me to go on and finish what I’ve started.

To finish my story about yesterday, I think there is something quite masochistic about choosing a route for a 20 mile run/walk that is basically 10 miles in a relatively straight line, turn around and come 10 miles straight back.  I did it on purpose, so that I wouldn’t have to think much.  But since I don’t wear an iPod, thinking about things is all one can do out there on the trail.  Well, of course, I was walking through some gorgeous country, and the day was simply beautiful, but I think if I ever do this again, I’m going to choose a different route.  I entertained myself by thinking things like, “Well, in three weeks at this point I’ll be reaching the first official cheering section,”  and “this little ol’ hill isn’t much compared to the bridge I’ll be facing at this point in New York.”  I pretended that the sound of the cars going by was the crowd on the sidewalks, cheering me on in New York.  

And, to be honest, towards the end, when the sun made the trail ahead of me glow and glare (how I escaped a migraine, I simply don’t know) I started singing “We’re OFF to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz.  If ever a wever a wiz there was, the Wizard of Oz is one because because because because because because…..’  well, dang it, because he’s going to give me two new legs, that’s why.  I think I was a little addled by pain by that time.

In any case, I made it home,  and into a cold bath, and my sweet husband picked up dinner.  I must really be in better shape than I was this summer, because despite yesterday, as I am not sore hardly at all today.  And believe me, that is very good news.

10/17 – push-ups and abs work
10/18 – 20 miles



  1. You are doing great Kimberly! I can only imagine that the crowds and the cheering in New York will pull you through the tough spots.

  2. My Darling Sister

    I love reading your blog. We are both on wonderful adventures. We are discovering our selves and at such a late date.

    Remember when you are tired and your body wants to collapse in on itself,

    Pick your head up
    Throw your shoulders back
    Pull your stomach in
    Push your chest out.

    You won’t be any less tired or hurt less but you will feel better and your pace will pick up.

    Walk upright. You are an athlete and you should be proud of yourself. I certainly am proud of you.

    I am your lovin brother Bill

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