Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | October 16, 2010

Two Poems for the Weekend

I have told you that I get very introspective in the autumn.  As thoughts turn inward, they rummage around in my old brain until sometimes they are lost, and sometimes the thoughts are boiled down into what I hope to call a poem.  Here are some October poems from my heart to yours:

Footprints in the Frost

The first human to cross the bridge
Over the icy river this morning,
I am not the first walker

A dog has been here
Trotting happily homeward,
To curl up on the porch and dream 
Daydreams of night splendors

A raccoon waddled across
Contentedly moving toward 
His morning nap burrowed
Warmly by the streambank

But first, as before, came the bear,
The bumper crop of apples left
Conveniently unpicked by neighbors
Offered his nighttime banquet

I imagine my joy at seeing
Their footprints is equaled
As they tuck warm dry paws
Under full bellies to sleep
kimberly dredger 10/14/10

Crystal Montana skies
                        shatter in October’s cold
                  slicing the soul

                                             Tears bleed
                                                       staining redbark and sarvice

           Soon winter’s soft blanket
                  stems lifeblood’s loss

                                                                 Wounds heal

kimberly dredger

10/13 – 2 1/2 miles speedwork
10/14 – 3 1/2 miles
10/15 – 3 1/2 miles
10/16 –  5 miles including the Pumpkin Run, 5K race.  I met both my race goals, running the whole way
and I cut two minutes off my time of the Diva Day race two weeks ago.  Hurray! 



  1. Those are lovely, Kimberly! You are so talented.

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