Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | October 8, 2010

One Month to Go

Yesterday was October 7… and November 7 is the BIG APPLE BIG DAY!  Yahoo and YIKES!  I am at least as nervous as I was a month before the Missoula Marathon.  Here’s what I said back then:

“Oh, my heavenly days.  Here we are at the last month of training.  When I started this blog on February 17, I sort of knew this day was coming, and I kind of suspected I might be a little panicky, but now that the day has come, I realize that all that worry was wrong.  I am not a little panicky.  I am simply terrified.”

Ah, yep.  I am once again terrified.  So, I have to sit back and think, what has this whole experience brought me?  From where did I start, and where am I now?  

I began walking for Bob, training for a marathon, planning on changing myself, back in February.  My first walk was of one and a half miles, just around the park.  Since then I’ve logged a few more miles, I guess, and I’m really quite proud of my miles, quite proud of having to replace my walking shoes.  I’ve been sidelined by injury and taken the time and patience to recover.  I’ve learned humility and pain.  I’ve learned that when you sweat hard, your skin gets kind of sandy from the salt.  I’ve had to replace training clothes, not because I wore them out, but because they fall off from being too big.  I went from being a non-athlete to being involved in eight races, either as a participant or as a volunteer.  In the past seven months I have learned to love push-ups, and have decided that I will always hate abs work.  

In the past seven months I have given up drinking alcohol, a life-long, or at least adulthood-long joy/monkeyonmyback.  I gave up using salt until my doctor told me I was sodium-deprived and had to add some back in.  (I am not making this up… low sodium levels were why I was almost fainting each time I stood up.)  In the past seven months I have lost almost 60 pounds.  

In the past seven months I have gained a new respect for the mechanics of my body.  I have learned to cherish the way my legs move and my arms move, the ease with which I can stand up and sit down.  Though I have always felt blessed, in the past seven months I have developed a new understanding for just how lucky I am, still having a body that can move and feel, that can eat and swallow, make love and laugh, pet a cherished pet or kiss a loved one’s face.  I am so very lucky.

I have one more month to prepare for the New York Marathon.  That amount of time isn’t sufficient, but it will have to do.  

10/5 – 7 1/2 miles, including 3 1/2 miles of hillwork (getting ready for the Verazano Bridge!)
10/6 – push-ups and abs work
10/8 – 3 1/2 miles and push-ups 



  1. Go, Kimberly! I almost didn’t recognize you when you walked into class. You look great!

  2. Kimberly~ You have already accomplished so much more than you set out to accomplish and in doing so, you have connected many new friends to your journey.

    You will do well in NYC and you will once again surprise yourself but not those who know your determination and passion. Verazano is steep but the sheer mass of humanity trying to walk across at once will carry you up the grade. It is Brooklyn where your training on the hills will come in handy. You will be at the 1/2 way point and a bridge is the last thing you will want to see 😉 You will do it and with ease because at the other side of the bridge will be a sea of humanity cheering for you and all of the runners. You will feel like the super star that you are.

    And in the end, when you feel discouraged and tired, you will repeat and remember and even shout ” I Run For Bob!”

    See you at the finish line.

  3. You will do great, my sweet sister. Just remember to walk defensively and make completion, not speed, your goal.

    I love you.

  4. My Sweet Sister

    Do you want to know how smart your body is? I tell you how smart your body is. Your body is so smart that it knows that now that you are an athlete it has to conserve salt because you sweat so much, so it does. That sandy feeling you get from sweating has gone away because your body knows it can’t afford to lose all those minerals.

    Lucky. I can’t believe how lucky I am surrounded by all these strong women. Go girl you rock.

    I am your lovin brother Bill

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