Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | October 3, 2010

Diva Day!

A beautiful October has dawned, warm, lovely and clean.  September, in all her glory and sadness, has passed, and now we are on to new and fresh horizons!

Yesterday in Missoula was Diva Day, the race and health event put on by Community Hospital and Run Wild Missoula, for breast cancer awareness.  The race is an all-women’s run, 5K, and some simply marvelous costumes were out in full silliness.  We had runners in wedding gowns, evening gowns, lots of tutus, pink cowboy hats, and even one TEAM REEVE T-SHIRT!  Yahoo! Guess who that was?   My goal for the race was to improve my time.  My very first 5K way back in April, I clocked in at 49 minutes.  The “I RUN FOR BOB” 5K which was my first race after my boot was off, I came in at 40 minutes, and I wanted to at LEAST do one minute better than that on this race, just two weeks later.  But, my official time was just over 35 minutes, so I felt very gratified.  YAHOO!  I was able to run most of the race, so honest progress is being made.  I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, visiting with lots of folks from my walking class, but the highlight of the morning was having Lisa Heinle run up and give me a great big hug.  It was lovely to see her again, and to share some thoughts on her progress.  Lisa is strong, but as she and I said yesterday, having people tell a new widow how strong she is simply doesn’t help. Strength doesn’t make the pain go away, and strength doesn’t make the nights any shorter or the loneliness any easier to bear.  But yesterday, Lisa was running for Bob, and she was gracious enough to share a hug with me, as I also was running for Bob.

After enjoying the ambience of the whole race/big tents/awards and all, I knew my day wasn’t done.  Saturdays have to be my long distance days, so off I went to log more miles, having exchanged my sweat-wet Team Reeve shirt for my brand new Diva Day shirt.  My route was from our home up the valley towards the Rattlesnake Wilderness Area, and I knew that the day would be gorgeous, a little too warm, but great for training.  As I ChiWalked up the hills, two handsome men came running down towards me.  One of the men yelled, “Hey, whaddya do, just get that Diva shirt today and keep on going?  ALRIGHT!  You GO Girl!”  

In one short month Jim and I will be packing for New York.  My wonderful brother David will be house-sitting for us, while we spend three nights in the Big Apple.  There will be lots of grand things happening in New York, lots of excitement.  To be honest, I get cold chills just thinking about it.  Will I be ready?  Not anywhere near as ready as I want to be.  But I’ll do my best, and will be very, very glad to be there.

9/26 – 3 1/2 miles 
9/27 – 4 miles of hill work and push-ups
9/30 – 3 1/2 miles and push-ups
10/1 – 1 1/2 miles
10/2 – 13 miles, including the 5K at 35 minutes



  1. I looked up diva and the best definition I could come up with is “a celebrated, distinguished female of outstanding talent.“ You are a true diva with the added virtue of being an inspiration to us all. Let me add one more – You GO, Girl!!

  2. Way to go Kim!! It’s so nice to hear the excitement in your voice today! We just have to put one foot in front of the other and we’ll make it to the finish line! Great job! See you soon! jenn

  3. Kimberly~
    What a wonderful day! Sounds like you had a blast and enjoyed the splendor of the day.
    The power of a hug to give you a boost is amazing as you move along a race. In NYC, there will be the power of the crowd–cheering and calling your name as you push through the five buroughs of NYC. And each step of the way, you will carry Bob and Lisa along with you.
    Go Girl!

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