Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | September 20, 2010

I Ran, Still Run, for Bob

Hurray!  The “I Run for Bob” race and fun day yesterday was a huge success!  I finally got to meet Lisa Heinle, one of my inspirations for my project, and she is just as beautiful and gracious in person as I had imagined her to be.  Her hard work and dedication to the new foundation she has begun in honor of her husband Bob got off to a marvelous start.  The focus of the foundation is to raise money to help spinal cord injured people have the recreational equipment they need to allow them greater access to the great outdoors.  If yesterday was any hint of things to come, Lisa is going to be tremendously successful in her goals.  Somehow she even managed to make the weather behave.  The sun shone, the barbecue smelled delicious, the crowd of people had tons of fun, and the race and fun run went off without a hitch. Marvelous!

On a personal note, my first “race”, (I played it safe and signed up for the fun run,) post-boot, went very well.   I have to admit that the 5 kilometers started feeling more like 15 somewhere around the 2 mile marker, but I was able to run a good part of it, kept up a good pace (at least for me) and shaved four minutes off my time of my first 5K race.  There are two 5Ks coming up in October that I want to participate in, and I hope to go faster in each one…  now we are down to real training again.  I have a long way to go, and a short time to get there.  There is NO time to spare in being lazy or unambitious.  It is do or die time, I fear.

So, yesterday I ran for Bob.  His spirit was there in every smile, in every happy face, in every shout of encouragement.  Bob kept working out, even when it hurt, even when he was tired, because he had a goal in mind.  He wanted to work toward being able to use his body the way a body is intended to be used, and he never quit trying.   When Lisa, and all of Missoula, lost Bob this past February, Lisa could have quit.  She could have been done with the community of SCI.  But she chose to keep on working, even when the pain in her heart was so crushing that she felt overwhelmed.  Even when it would have been easier to rest and heal.  Lisa kept on going.  Yesterday was testament to her devotion.

I have a month and a half to get myself ready for the New York City Marathon, to raise enough money to ensure my entry, to keep on working towards raising people’s awareness of spinal cord injury research.  I have to keep on going, even when it is easier to quit.  Even when I am tired and discouraged.  I have to finish this thing.  I keep Bob in my heart each day as I continue.  Perhaps his spirit will help me raise enough money to ensure my spot on the Team Reeve roster.  And, as always, when my energy flags and I am tired, out there on the training route, I will put my right arm on Bob’s shoulder, my left arm on the back of Superman, and let the two of them pull me along.  I can’t do this by myself.  I need their help.  And guess what?  I need YOUR help, too.  Please donate.  

9/16 – 1 1/2 miles and push-ups
9/18 – 5 1/2 miles at race pace with my buddy Stan from the walking group and push-ups
9/19 – 4 1/2 miles including the 5K fun run at 40 minutes



  1. Kimberly: You are doing it! Keep pushing. Remember, NYC will be AMAZING & FUN!

    Your spirt shouts off the pages with your energy, kindness and generosity of spirit.

    Keep at it.

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