Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | September 16, 2010

The Ides of September

September has, for the last few decades, been very bittersweet for me.  I have feared September, for reasons which I will write about next week, but I also love the beginning of fall.  I love the smell in the air, the crackle of the leaves under-foot, and the way the light changes as the days shorten.  September has its own deliciousness, like a very fine, chilled wine.  I drink in the aroma and the effervescence as I go through my days.  Fortunately for me, September’s  delights continue.  Perhaps I would even say that the delights of September are made more precious by the sadnesses that have been.

Here is a poem I wrote one September.  There will be a few more poems in the coming weeks, if you can bear it.  I hope that my introspection during the autumn of the year doesn’t offend.  It is a natural and simply unavoidable mood I deal with each year at this time.

Perfect timing is rare.
Drive north towards Ravalli
in Montana’s long evening
Cottonwoods smell like Heaven
meadowlark’s liquid trill is angels’ song
Top Ravalli Hill,
Bison Range on the left
hold your breath


Snowy Missions bask in alpenglow
Mission Valley, stretching long and green, beckons
You can’t help but follow
Blackbirds’ song and goose calls harmonize
with the hum of tires
as you drive through Ninepipes

Almost there
again breath catches at the crest of Polson Hill
Flathead Lake glories
in the yellow belly of the full moon
Once or twice a lifetime
if you’re lucky. 

9/10 – push-ups (still working on the 7 Weeks to 100 Push-ups program… slowly!)
9/11 – volunteered at the Sweathouse Half-marathon  (okay, I know I can’t log that… but I was jealous, even though it was lots of fun!)
9/12 – 2 1/2 miles walking
9/13 – 5 miles, with 2 of them running!  Yahoo!  I can run! and push-ups
9/15 – 3 1/2 miles fast-pace walk 



  1. Kimbelry thank you for sharing that lovely poem. Once again I gasped at the magic of cresting Ravilli Hill. And felt once more the incomparable heart-lift-and-soar on cresting Polson Hill.

  2. I am walking the Sweathouse Half Marthon in 2011 and you were the only blog with it. Your comment made me glad I am found it, if volunteers have fun, participants will too.

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