Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | September 12, 2010

Oh, Frabjous Day!

Tadahhhh!!!!   I now have two matching shoes again!  Hurray!   This is, unfortunately, only conditional.  My doc says, “Go back to training.  Let’s see what your foot can handle.  If we have problems, the next step is MRI.”  So, this is conditional.  I AM going back to training, with circumspection and the wisdom of listening to my body.  BUT, November 7 is coming much, much too soon, and I have a long way to go to get ready for that, my dears.  So, the next two weeks are going to reveal a great deal.  Walking, walking, walking.  Work in some running.  See how the foot does.  If all is well, on to New York!

PLEASE check out the new link to Patrick Rummerfield’s website.  This man is a quadriplegic who is absolutely amazing.  He is the only quadriplegic to have finished the Iron Man Triathlon in Hawaii.  He has broken the world record land speed in an electric car…. many other amazing feats.  Honestly, this is one amazing person.  AND, he is my newest personal sponsor.  Pat donated a huge box of his pens for my cause, to use as I choose to raise money for my project.  WOW!  I am, again, completely humbled.  Thank you, Pat!

I have been beating myself up a little, over my workout schedule while my boot was on.  I did what I could make myself do on my Airdyne, but I should have done more.  I should have followed the training schedule in Marathoning for Mortals by John Bingham and Jenny Hadfield, and just doubled the time on my Airdyne.  I didn’t even think of doing that until my boot came off, silly me.  To be honest, I spent as much time on the Airdyne as I could make myself do, but it was boring.  SO now, I really feel under the gun.  Gotta get ready! 

I am signed up for the I RUN FOR BOB 5 K race next Sunday.  That will be a big test to see how the foot works.  If all goes well, I will sign up for every race I can from now until the end of October, log as many miles as I can, get back into full training mode.  I can do this.  I know I can.

My first week at my new job went absolutely beautifully.  I am learning so much and enjoying it immensely.  I work with lovely people, in a beautiful area, close enough that I will be able to walk to work.  I am truly blessed to have finally found just the right place for me.  I hope that I will be just the right person for them, because I would love to stay here and nestle right in.  Keep your fingers crossed that that is what happens.

Tuesday is my mother’s 92nd birthday!  At 92, she is the matriarch of our family.  Her hair is still naturally brown, with only a little frosting at the temples; she still has all her own teeth; she dresses to the 9s every day with matching shoes for each outfit.  (I know she has totally lost hope that her youngest child will ever dress to meet her expectations, but that is neither here nor there.  Ain’t gonna happen.)  At 92 years old Mom still plays penuchle, Scrabble and bingo, and chortles when she wins.  

SO, this post is wrapping up to be just a collection of updates, and I guess that is going to have to be okay.  I have no profound insights this week, no deep thoughts of import.  I will try to do better next post, I promise.  Until then, how about taking time to go to the Christopher and Dana Reeve website, and reading about some people who really matter?  Take time to check in on how research is going with Spinal Cord Injury.  And, next Sunday, please come out to the King Ranch near Frenchtown, to kick off the Bob Heinle Foundation.  Please come.  Lisa would love to have lots of people, and it would be a great day and a great way to show your support.



  1. YIPEE!!! Hooray for two matching shoes! Take it easy! We still have time to prepare! I just had my longest run yesterday at 12 miles. We’ll get there! Happy Birthday to your mom!! Take it easy!

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