Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | September 3, 2010

Friday Meanderings

A good Friday morning to you!  First and foremost, my wish for you this holiday weekend is to go forward and BE SAFE!  If you haven’t read the summer safety tips from the Reeve Foundation, why don’t you click on them here?

You owe it to yourself and your family to go forewarned and forearmed.  Good luck, my friends.
Next on the agenda…  drum roll please….  I have a new job!  Hurray!  I started this week working with a simply lovely group of people at the First Presbyterian Church in Missoula.  This is the church made famous by Montana author Norman Maclean in his novel A River Runs Through It.  So far these sweet people haven’t thrown me out, so keep your fingers crossed that I learn how to do this job well and give them all the help they so deserve.  Yay!
And thirdly,  I have been wanting to give everyone a tour of my blog-site.  This may seem a little elementary, my dear Watson, but I know from my own experience that once I am used to a certain series of mouse clicks, I tend to not vary from them.  And you might not have discovered some things that I kind of like about my blog.  So, here goes:
*First of all, the pages at the top detail the reasons I am doing this project.  As always, when I write and when I train, the Heinles are forefront in my mind.  Take time to look at the pages “For Bob and Lisa” , and  “Inspiration” and “First Day.”  Keep Lisa in your thoughts as you go through your week.  She has a birthday coming up, and this one will be hard.
The article written by Michael Moore and the column I wrote, both for the Missoulian, and the KECI news clip are informative, and did a good job of boosting my morale while I was training for the Missoula Marathon.  The note from Mayor Engen makes my heart warm. 
*The links on the right side of the page show websites that I have come across throughout my training that I found of interest.  I hope you do, too.  Of course, the Reeve Foundation site and the DONATION SITE DIRECTLY BELOW THAT  (sorry… it has always been there, but seems to hide in plain sight) are simply the most important and the whole reason I am doing this thing.  Please check them out.  Please.  
*The next two links are to sites about the Heinles.  I cannot say enough about how important these are.  Honor Bob and support Lisa by clicking and reading. 
*I have also included two blogs, so far, of people I have met on-line who are living with Spinal Cord Injury.  If you want to know why this project of mine is so important, read these blogs and see some of the people the Reeve Foundation is helping.
*I have a link to my sister’s blog.  She spent last winter and many years of her life sailing.  Though she and her husband Jim are home in Florida now, battening down for the many big whiry-girls that threaten to destroy Florida and all low-lying areas, keeping her link there makes me feel close to her.  If you want to see some GORGEOUS photos of warmer climes, click on that link.
*I also have links to blogs of fundraisers for very good charities that have struck my heart this year.  Though I hope if you are going to donate, it will be to me and mine (oh, boy, is THAT ever selfish) these organizations and the wonderful people who write these blogs also deserve our support.  Take time to at least click and read.
*And then, also, I have included links to two businesses that supported me during my start-up: the Computer Gal (who also made a BIG donation… thanks, Nora!) and The Runner’s Edge, who from the beginning treated me like an athlete.  I will always be thankful for these folks.
And then, I have started a list of people who are sponsoring my trip to New York for the NY Marathon.  Without the help of these people, I wouldn’t be able to afford to go there.  God bless these generous souls, and please support their wonderful businesses.  (There is one  that I can’t name, because the donation was anonymous, but Mike, you know who you are.  Thank you.)  Please support Shelby Dental and Paul’s Pancake Parlor.  Hopefully we will see that list grow!
I was going to spend a few words talking about my favorite posts from the archives… but I have already written too much today.  Take time to wander amongst my old posts.  It has always struck me as funny that my own favorite posts are the ones that don’t get many hits…  Funny, that.  
Have a safe and fun holiday weekend, my friends.  Go forward with JOY!
8/27 – 10 miles on the Airdyne  and work on the push-ups 
8/30 – 8 miles, plus PUs
8/31 – 15 miles
9/1 – continued work on the push-ups program (PUs)  I like these things!
9/3 – weight 160.4   

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