Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | August 27, 2010


My sweet husband Jim is one of the wisest men I know.  Though I am older than he by three years, (sometimes it feels like ten,) I have always turned to him for his wise perspective on life, for a new vision of what it is that might be currently bothering me, for a few words of his very sharp New York humor.  (To be honest, the only time his New York-ness gets out of hand is when he is driving.  The way Montanans, and specifically Missoulians, drive absolutely “drives” Jim nuts.  He has been known to yell out the window at people who don’t use their turn signals… but I always have to tell him, “Honey, when you tell people to use their directionals in Montana, we don’t have a clue what you are talking about.  Really.  Here, we call them turn signals.”  Thirty years in Montana and he still doesn’t remember this.  But I digress.)

As you might have noticed, I have gone through a couple weeks of low-spirits, what with stress fractures and my boot, not being able to walk, no donations recently for my fundraiser for the Reeve Foundation, and multiple migraines.  Low spirits call for some self-medication, which in the past used to be in a liquid form.  But I gave up alcohol earlier this year (dang it!)  and so my self-medication more recently has been in the form of ice cream.  Hmmm… do you see a problem here?  Usually, the craving for ice cream could be controlled by having one Skinny Cow each evening – 140 calories, and no trans fats.  Hey, could be worse. But sometimes, when things were bad, the big guns had to be pulled out in the form of a trip to the local Dairy Queen.  Yes, I was usually pretty good about only ordering the new “mini” size Blizzard.  But I could see problems building if this bad habit wasn’t nipped in the bud – okay, it had gotten past the bud stage, I’m afraid.  Time for a return to the diet.  

After all, I want to be able to start to learn how to run, once this boot is off.  I will never be a runner, but I do want to mix in some running with my walking, or I’ll go to the New York Marathon and end up with a DNF  (did not finish) score because I come across the finish line too late and the clock has long since stopped.  I DO NOT WANT THAT!  So, I need to shave some substantial minutes off my time, and running seems to be the way to go.  AND, my doc at Bone and Joint said I could start running only if I lost another 10 pounds.  Back to the diet, and NO MORE DAIRY QUEEN.

But, the blues had me bad.  During one of my mopes, Jim told me, “Snack?”  (That’s one of his pet names for me.) “Think about what you’ve accomplished.  Think about the weight you’ve already lost.  Think about this… you are really now a marathoner!  What was it that John “the Penguin” Bingham said?  He said you were supposed to wear your marathon medal until you had annoyed everyone in your life.  You haven’t even put it on once since you earned it.  So, here’s what you do.  Get out the dang medal, put it on your neck, get on your Airdyne and fly.  Before you know it, you’ll feel better.  And wear your medal!  IT’S OKAY!  You won’t annoy me.  I promise.”   So, I sit here with my medal on.  Yes, I feel like a dork.  But, I kind of feel like a winner, too.  There are only a few thousand other people in the world who have this particular medal.  Guess I’ll go get on my bike and fly.

Lucky me, to have the wisest guy in the world for a husband.

8/17 – 10 miles on the Airdyne
8/24 – 2 miles
8/25 – 10 miles and began the “7 Weeks to 100 Push-ups” Program, plus abs work
8/26 – 8 miles
8/27 – Weight 164 pounds  (161 will mean I’ve lost the 10 pounds I need to shed to run.)



  1. Jim certainly has his directionals right, doesn’t he?

    I admire you, my sweet sister, for earning your medal and wearing it.

  2. Yeah, all good news! Keep at it Kimberely.

  3. Hooray for Jim! And Hooray for Kimberly too!.
    Many times in my life I’ve been on a solid path to making positive changes – only to be struck down by some stupid health problem. And I’ve TRIED to keep pushing on with alternate exercise that is not the one that makes my heart soar… and I’ve never succeeded. Not even once…. it’s always been a start over once I got better. YOU are managing to not only maintain but even to add on MORE positive results (I was going to say “gains” but that wasn’t quite right!). So keep on flying Super Sister and keep wearing your medal – and remember “Everyone is entitled to 2 little vices” – for Ellens Ice Cream is always one of them. Don’t deprive yourself entirely.

  4. Keep up the good work, Kimberly! Your husband is indeed a wise man. You truly are a marathoner! Wear your medal with pride!! Look at how far you have come.

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