Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | August 21, 2010

“I Run for Bob”

If you have followed me and my project for any time at all, you know the reason I started writing this blog.  You know that I came to my project because of a tragedy.  Missoula lost one of our own, one of our heroes, in February, when Bob Heinle died.  Bob is in my thoughts every time I train, whether I am out pounding the streets, as I can’t wait to do again, or on my Airdyne, as I will be until this boot comes off.  But each time I train, I think about Bob, and of his perseverance and drive.  There are times I want to quit, because I am tired or cranky, or things aren’t going the way I want.  And then I think about Bob, continuing with his training because it was the right thing to do.  

I didn’t know Bob, and I don’t know his wife, Lisa, yet either.  I hope someday to change that. Lisa has been very gracious in her comments and verbal support of this blog and my project, and I admire her so very much.  She is dealing with this most difficult year with a great deal of strength and dignity.  I found out via the Run Wild Missoula newsletter that Lisa has started a foundation in honor of Bob, and one of the first projects of this foundation is a race, scheduled for Sept. 19.  I’ve added a link to the site, which you can access there at the right.  I know that Lisa would appreciate any support you can give to the I Run for Bob Foundation.  Here is an email from Lisa :

Hello Friends and Family –

I am writing to ‘spread the word’ of the new Foundation we started in memory of Bob. In the months since Bob passed away, I’ve faced many new challenges and struggles. Along with those has also been a mountain of new discoveries. The support from SO many family and friends has been extremely humbling and no words could ever express the depth of my gratitude. Through all these changes, it became very clear what I wanted to do to honor Bob and his inspiring journey. Over the last 12 years, he learned how to grab life despite the obstacles and live strong and full. I want to help others do the same.

 There are so many quality-of-life opportunities for children and adults living with paralysis – the problem is that insurance companies don’t usually acknowledge them as medically necessary. We want to help people with limited abilities acquire equipment and other tools to enrich their lives. For people with limited resources, the thought of buying something ‘recreational’ or ‘extra’ is out of the question when you can barely cover your medical needs. The rewards for someone in a chair to get out and enjoy some type of recreation is immeasurable. I remember the look on Bob’s face the first time he shot his sip-and-puff rifle and felt some sense of ‘normalcy’ again…it was priceless. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities Bob and I had throughout his injury – it absolutely made all the difference in our world.

 So, I’ve attached a poster for our upcoming race we are hosting here in Frenchtown. This race is the kick-off to our ‘I Run For Bob’ Foundation. The running race is just a portion of the day – we will also have wheelchair races and events for everyone to participate in (watching able-bodied people, including me, try and maneuver a wheelchair through a technical obstacle course will be entertaining…to say the least!). We’ll also have a silent auction, BBQ and music – just a day for everyone to enjoy.

 I’ve attached an entry form if you are able to attend the race. If you can or can’t attend, I’d appreciate if you would consider helping with the Foundation – either with a donation, an item for the silent auction, or your thoughts and prayers of support. Our website has some additional information, but keep in mind it is still new and under construction…as is the Foundation :o) !! We are continually updating and improving it, but it is definitely a work-in-progress. We are also looking for business sponsors for our race shirts, if anyone is interested in having your logo on our shirts, please let me know. Your donations are tax-deductible and so very much appreciated!

 Thank you….


 ps: please feel free to forward to other family & friends.


P.O. BOX 628




  1. K~
    Thanks for posting Lisa’s Foundations info. As a person with an SCI, I know how impt the QOL things are. I waited 14 yrs to ride a handcycle and was thrilled when the next yr I got one as a gift. It was money we didn’t have but emotionally and physically it changed my life.

    Bob and Lisa brought out the best in themselves and others. I am grateful to have met you because you ran Missoula marathon to honor Bob.

    Hope your healing continues and you are hitting the road again soon.


  2. Kimberly, you continue to provide inspiration! To me and to others. I hope you’ll be able to participate in the race in some way. Let me know how it goes.

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