Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | August 19, 2010

August thoughts poem

This week has been horrid.  Yucky and painful and sad.  Painful physically for me, in that finally the wearing of this boot has changed my stride so that I was getting a strong hitch in my getalong, as we would say here in Montana.  And so, I went to my chiropractor.  Jim and I have always called this guy Dr. Perky because he has the most lovely and vivacious energy you would ever care to be around.  Unfortunately for me, each trip to see him, leads to a better feeling body, but also to a migraine headache. Twice in three days my level of well-being has been compromised.  

And, there have been some other uncomfortablenesses (yes, I know I made that word up) in the week as well.  A dear friend whose divorce was finalized this week asked me to write a poem for her.  I sincerely hope she won’t mind if I borrow it back from her, because it is what my own heart is needing right now.  I hope you all won’t mind a short post today.  I’ll do better next time.  

August Thoughts for Susie

As the cool trickle of water
Seeps into the dry soil of soul
It turns from tears into lifebringing

Growth has never been painfree
Pain has never been growthfree

Tears growth pain joy
Whole heart
Leave behind the tears and gulp
The elixir






  1. Lovely poem, Kimberly. There is meaning for all of us there.

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