Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | August 14, 2010

Unfurling Wings

I danced today.  For the first time in a couple months, I danced.  And it was lovely, indeed.  One of the main precepts of Nia, the dance which I fell in love with a few years back, is that it is good for every BODY, and can be modified so that everyone can do it.  I decided that it was time to prove that to myself, and so I went to class.

I’ve been biking away on my Airdyne, working my legs and arms, and actually enjoying it much more than I thought I would, now that my sister and sister-in-law have been proven right that books on tape are great things.  I get on the bike, put on the headphones, turn on the current tape or cd, and voila, the time goes by.  Who knew?  I’ve been a book snob for long enough, and now find out that LISTENING to a book has its place.  It’ll never take the place of actually holding the book in my hands and turning the pages, but it certainly does have its place.  However, even so, using the Airdyne doesn’t get my muscles stretched and moving the way they are needing, and so I was craving Nia.  

Oh, yes.  Nia class with Jody.  Ahhhh… as lovely as slipping into a bubble bath of hot water for a nice long soak.  Though I wore my boot and a Dansko sandal instead of going barefoot the way one is supposed to, it was lovely to dance.  I did feel as if I had my right foot stuck in a bucket of concrete, but I stretched and moved and slithered.  My soul danced, along with my body.  My heart danced.  

And here’s the best thing… watching myself in the big mirrors, for the very first time in my whole life, I didn’t mind it when my raised arms made my top come up and exposed my middle.  In fact, my Nia pants scrunched down just above my hips where they are actually supposed to be, and my top came up, and there, why there was my belly button, dancing free and naked, and by golly, it looked pretty good.  Only a person who has never had a flat tummy will understand just how that felt.  Of course, my belly isn’t flat yet.  I still have the little roll just behind the zipper of my jeans, but I am starting to think that this, too, may pass.  

Jody taught the Nia routine “Butterfly” today.  Though my foot kept me grounded, I felt as if my wings were unfurling just a little.  No butterfly, me, but give me time and it might come.

Want to see some truly amazing women who really are beauties unfurling their wings? Go to the Reeve Foundation site at the top right of this page, and click on the article about the Miss Wheelchair America Pageant.  I am here to tell you that this will inspire you and give you a whole new appreciation for the term “pageant.”  These are women who live in their chairs, and yet do so very much more.  Take time, go there now, and feel your own wings start to itch a bit to expand and unfurl.  

Go Forward, my friends, go forward.

8/14 – 1 hour Nia and 9 miles on the Airdyne



  1. I LOVE audio books! I have listened to many books I wouldn’t normally read, such as The Scarlet Letter, which I started about 3 times, but couldn’t get past the 2nd chapter. And, I’ve listened to books I read a long time ago. In fact, I have all 33 cassettes for the Count of Monte Cristo!

  2. Nia dance sounds interesting, is there some place I can read about it?

    I miss no longer being able to hold a book and turn the pages. I got a Kindle for my birthday this year and I love it but it is somehow just not the same. The smell, the feel, the weight of the book in your hands–ahhhh.

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