Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | July 19, 2010

The Next Step…

Yes, I have news, both good and what might be … not bad but at least disappointing and delaying.  The last first.  I have a sneaking suspicion that I ended up with a stress fracture in my foot from the marathon.  Bummer.  REAL bummer.  I, as you know, walked the last several miles of the marathon in some pain, but it certainly wasn’t localized, it was ALL OVER MY BODY.   I had a pretty bad bruise on my right foot from what I thought was too tight laces on Monday, and the twinge lasted after the bruise went away.  Then I danced an hour of Nia on Thursday and noticed the twinge in my foot got worse,  and worse yet after walking 5+ miles with my walking group on Saturday.  Hmmm…  something seems to be up.  Jim says make an appointment.  I googled stress fractures, and my symptoms seem to match, so, yes, an appointment is made.  Bummer.  John “the Penguin” says I’m still not supposed to be logging long miles yet any way, but I WANT to be walking.  But the foot hurts, so I’m not.  Appointment is on Friday, and I’ll let you know what the news is about that.

HOWEVER…  the good news is WAY better than the bad news.  Are you ready?  (Okay, I know I’m a little over-excited here, and I apologize.)  The good news is, that as a member of Team Reeve, I have been accepted to participate in the New York Marathon this coming November!  WOOHOO!  I have known about this for a few weeks, and just wanted to make sure I survived my first marathon before I announced it.  I’ll check… yep, the ol’ heart is still thumpin’ and I seem to still have vital signs, so I guess I can say, it’s on to the Big Apple with me!  Team Reeve has been most supportive and I am thrilled to be continuing my association with them.  Though I can’t actually go on the training runs with the local New York folks, as the commute is a tad long, I do get the team meeting notes and such, so it is really official.  

Here’s what I need to do, besides of course, keep myself fit and healthy enough to run/walk another marathon in November:  I need to raise $4000 in donations and also acquire some corporate sponsors to help me out with expenses in New York such as three nights in a hotel, travel and taxi.  I feel up to the challenge of doing this additional fund-raising, and I am certainly excited to be training for another marathon, once this darn foot is healed.

So, my faithful readers, you might have thought that after July 11 you would be set free and not have to log on to my blog anymore, but I am here to tell you that now I need you more than ever.  In fact, if you know anyone with whom you could share my blog address, please feel free to pass it along.  And, as before, always feel free to hit that second button down, on the right side.  All donations are welcome.  You have all been very generous and large-hearted.  Just think of all the good things that can be done if we don’t stop now.  



  1. WooHooo! I am so thrilled to read the news. I will be happy to give you all my hard earned tips.

  2. Go, Kimberly, Go!!!

    I will post this on my Facebook page!

  3. YEAH!!!! how great! I’m sure your foot will be okay! Just make sure to FOLLOW the doctor’s orders! Great job! Can’t wait to meet you in NY!!

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Nora McDougall, Reeve Foundation. Reeve Foundation said: Kimberly, as a member of @TeamReeve, has been accepted to participate in the New York Marathon this coming November! […]

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