Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | June 15, 2010

Tuggin’ on Superman’s Cape

(Apologies to the estate of Jim Croce.  I am sure that Jim in his current incarnation won’t mind.)

Ehem?  Ummm, excuse me, Mr. Superman, Sir.  Hi, it’s me, the gnat.  Yes, the one who has been calling on you so much recently for help on the long walks.  Ummm, yes, that’s right, I’m the one that asks you to fly low and slow, just so I have someone to talk to when I’m out there pounding the streets.  I am the one who is trying to raise money for the Foundation that your alter-ego, Chris, set up. Sometimes I get the two of you confused, because I really think that what he accomplished, in fact what he is still accomplishing, is really so fantastic, and he did it without being a superhero.  He was just a regular, everyday, real-life, human hero. Goodness, it brings tears to my eyes thinking of what he and his beautiful side-kick Dana accomplished in their human forms.  

But right now, the one I need is You, Sir, Mr. Superman.  You see, the marathon I am due to participate in is less than a month away, and I’m feeling the crunch.  I don’t have enough time left to get as fast and as strong as I need.  I’m looking at my longest walk this coming Saturday, of 20 miles, and I know that my walking partners will be done before I am done, and so I’ll really be calling on you then.  When the miles get long and my human feet are tired, I hope you won’t mind it too much when I hold onto your cape and let you pull me along for awhile.  I won’t ride TOO long, just long enough to catch my breath.  I promise.

And, also, Mr. Superman, Sir?  There is something else that is bothering me, and I’d like your help on it.  Times are hard in the States, these days.  We’ve got tremendous disasters going on which are truly heartbreaking.  The Gulf is filling up with oil.  The wars continue.  More and more people are out of work.  In fact, this summer is just setting up to be one quite sad old summer.  But yet, this is the summer that I, little old me the adult-onset athlete, the person who never thought she’d be doing anything at all of this magnitude, this is the summer, come heck or high water, that I am doing my fundraiser for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.  Mr. Superman, Sir, could you please help people see that even giving a FEW dollars towards this wonderful research would mean so very much?  And you might tell those folks that giving to such a good cause is a sure-fired way of making themselves feel just a little less depressed and a little more light-hearted.  It has done ME a world of good.

Thank you, Mr. Superman, Sir.  And don’t be surprised if you hear from me on Saturday.  

6/12 – 4 miles
6/13 – 9 1/2 miles including the  city part of the marathon route
6/14 – 3 3/4 miles and Pilates
6/15 – 6 miles, including two times up and back to the L on Mount Jumbo



  1. Who’s this Superman? I think we’re talkin’ Superwoman here.

    2x up to the L? Give me a break. ON second thought, it would break me.

    • Not a chance, you ol’ Mountain Man, you. You are the one who carried ME up the mountain, remember?

  2. WOW!! 20 Miles – I’d be tugging on Superman’s cape too! AND spitting into the wind. (Croce is another of my heros so I’m glad you called on him too) Not to mention calling for the “sag wagon” (that’s what bikers have when they need a lift along the way). I want you to know how proud I am of you no matter how many miles you do – your feet already run circles around mine!

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