Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | June 11, 2010

One Month to Go

Oh, my heavenly days.  Here we are at the last month of training.  When I started this blog on February 17, I sort of knew this day was coming, and I kind of suspected I might be a little panicky, but now that the day has come, I realize that all that worry was wrong.  I am not a little panicky.  I am simply terrified.

I have volunteered to take Missoula Marathon posters and maps to all of the sponsors of the marathon, and this has been a fun proposition.  On Wednesday, though, I took them out to the Clark Fork Valley Bank in Frenchtown, where the race actually starts.  As I am driving the long road there, past Smurfit Stone, I am thinking about how long it all seems.  Having never done any thing of this sort before, I don’t know if I am up to the task.  It DOES help, I have to admit, to go to the Run Wild Missoula classes such as they had this past Monday at the Good Food Store, and hear professional runners say that they also go through stages of panic before a race.  And each book I read says the same thing.  I guess what I am feeling isn’t unusual.  But it is scary.  

So, I stop and think.  I have trained and planned.  Mostly I have kept to my schedule and always I’ve been honest with myself and with you.  And in one month, Race Day will be here and soon it will be over.  As I used to say to myself when I was still teaching and the end of the school year couldn’t come fast enough, “One more month? Heck, I can almost hold my breath that long.  Piece of cake!”  Yes, the end is in sight.  My burden, if one could call it a burden, is not only self-imposed but it is temporary.

I think now of all the many people who are dealing with burdens that aren’t temporary.  The ones for whom I am walking.  The ones in the wheelchairs and walkers and braces.  The ones who look to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation for help and support and also for some hope that maybe, just maybe, the horrible pain and paralysis that they live with might someday be curable.  This kind of cutting-edge research doesn’t happen naturally and it isn’t cheap.  

For me, one month to go.  For those for whom I walk, much longer.  Add to the hope that their burden is also temporary.  
Please donate.  

6/9 – 5 3/4 miles including speed work with my walking group
6/10 – Pilates class and 3 3/4 miles
Weight – 177.6 pounds down from 211



  1. Kimberly, you are really on the home stretch now. You have already accomplished so much – lost over 33 pounds and increased your stamina and strength so significantly! We are very proud of you and you are an inspiration. I know you want to do more but give yourself credit for what you have already achieved.

  2. Very impressive, Kimberly! You are really sticking with it!!!

  3. after this lets to a great big Nia dance and a
    glass of the wine..33 pounds wow! You do
    inspire me..thanks Kimberly

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