Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | June 8, 2010


Today, after being released from prison…

OK, it just felt like it.  I was supposed to be meeting delivery people bringing a new freezer.  They had SAID they’d call first thing in the morning to tell me which two hour window of the day they’d be showing up, but NO PHONE CALL.  After multiple and increasingly angry phone calls by me to the store, I finally heard at 11:55 that they would be delivering the freezer between 6:30 and 7:30 TONIGHT.   ARRRGGHHH!!!

So, today, after being released from prison I hiked the North Hills.  There is a glorious abundance of wildflowers just now, on the hills around Missoula.  Beautiful and lush enough to make me forget the frustrating morning.  So many colors!  The unbelievably lovely thing about wildflowers is that they are so very transient and fragile and beautiful.  So GO if you can, and by all means take a camera.  I was wishing I had one with me, but then I wouldn’t have gotten any exercise at all, as I’d be constantly stopping.  The flowers were so beautiful that I kept forgetting my focuses.  “Tilt the bowl.”  (Which means keep the pelvis correctly aligned.)  “Snap the bellybutton.”  (Which means keep the gut in and don’t belly breathe, a very hard habit for this old yogini-singer-person to break.)  and then “Oh… look at all the bitterroots!  Wow, the balsam root!  The lupine!  Oh my all the color!!!”  Oops.  Focus is lost.  I ended up just forgetting about the focus and enjoying the day, because honestly, I can snap that ol’ bellybutton any day, but when will I see such beauty any time again soon?

The range of colors and shapes of these beauties amazed me.  They look, not only sexual, which of course they are, being the reproductive organs of the plants, but sensual as well.  The rounded, velvety, hips and tongues and stamens and throats…. aaahhh… it is no wonder that the poet has said that in the spring a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of love.  How can it not, with all this lushness in front of one?

I walked and climbed and thought and reveled.  The beauty filled and fed me.  Could Montana be any more beautiful?

6/7 – 5 1/2 miles
6/8 – 6 miles climbing the North Hills.  Beautiful!



  1. Hey, where are the North Hills?

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