Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | June 2, 2010

Getting Closer

June is here.  I have to say that again…JUNE IS HERE!  Looking back at my training log, I see that I trained well and honestly in May, as I have been doing for awhile now, but I honestly can’t remember where May went.  I want to call back and have a re-do.  Oh, please!  I’m not ready for June!  I need one more May before I can face being less than 6 weeks away from race day.  Perhaps it is that I have had to take a back-step to get my tendonitis healing.  Perhaps it is that we went to Dairy Queen twice last week instead of once.  Perhaps it is that I am a lazy bum and can’t even imagine what I am doing here!   What was I thinking, to believe I could be a marathoner?  How did I get myself into this????  OK.   There.  I allowed myself a little whine, a little panic attack, a little hysteria.  Let’s get this under control.

Yes, Race Day is less than 6 weeks away.  I had to cancel my long walk this past week because of my knee, and then I spent two days resting it completely, after I badly bruised my foot on my Airdyne.  OH, yeah.  I thought I had the plan down well… put the right leg HERE, while the left leg and arms do all the work.  Right leg gets a little tired being HERE, so I move it down, and WHAM the right pedal mashes the right foot.  Stupid mistake.  But hopefully, all is back to normal, and I can get back to my walking today.  And so, I turn to my books for the motivation and words of wisdom from the folks who have been there:

Marthoning for Mortals John “the Penguin” Bingham and Coach Jenny Hadfield:
“*Knowing your limits is more valuable than exceeding them.
*Improvement comes during your rest days.
*Don’t be a hero.  If it hurts, stop.
*Today’s ache is tomorrow’s injury.
*Injuries don’t go away; they have to heal.
*Nearly every injury responds to rest.”

(Whew.  Thanks to Bingham and Hadfield for letting me know I’m not a total slug.)

Chi Walking Danny Dreyer and Katherine Dreyer
“The transitions in your day should have a sacred weight to them, for they are the glue that holds together what otherwise could have become a disjointed set of activities with no common theme or direction.”
“Lifelong health and fitness happen when you make mindful positive choices over an extended period of time – or for the rest of your life.  Whenever you do something consistently for a long time, it works on you in a deep, powerful way.” 

OK.  So, June is here.  May might have ended on a down note, but it was only a tiny one, and I can pick myself up.  This first week of June has marvelous things going for it: the birds are singing, the lilacs are blooming, I’ve applied for another job (keep your fingers crossed for me, it’s one I’d LOVE to have!) and life is GOOD.  Yes, race day is less than six weeks away, but I have time to do three more long walks before the necessary tapering.  I’ve been honest in my work so far, and didn’t panic until this week, so not all is lost.  I CAN DO THIS!

To all of you who read my Guest Column in the Missoulian on May 31, bless you!  Feel free to pass my blog address along to a friend, and also feel free to talk up the wonderful job that the Christopher Reeve Foundation does.  If you haven’t been able to donate yet, don’t feel you have to wait for the big bucks… every little bit helps!

5/29 – 2 1/2 miles (gentle)
5/30 – 2 1/2 miles (ditto)
5/31 – 1 mile (ooomph.)
6/2 – 6 3/4 miles including interval training with RWM walking class (Gosh, I love those people!)



  1. You are almost there! Congratulations on the guest editorial.

  2. Kimberly – you are such an inspiration and a constant reminder that when things get tough we just have to keep putting one foot ahead of the other. And be grateful every moment that we CAN put one foot ahead of the other because there are many people who would give anything to be able to do just that. Your article in the Missoulian was wonderful and inspirational. Sometimes when I stumble and feel low I can hear our Daddy saying in his low, patient voice “Pick it up. Dust it off. And keep on moving.” Keep up th e good work – we are cheering for you.
    Loving sister Maggie

  3. I’m so proud of my little sister. What an inspiration you are to us!

    I posted a link to your Missoulian article on my Facebook Wall.

  4. love your dad’s saying…missed the
    editorial….soccer mom did not get the paper
    on the road to soccer…..ran a little the other day
    but broke a little toe today….did NIA in my shoes
    for the first time ever and that was not working..
    see you soon….will not make the dance collective
    this weekend, but will be video taping at farmers

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