Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | May 10, 2010


My, oh, my, what a wonderful day!  In fact, the whole weekend was lovely, and now the wonderfulness stretches over into Monday;  I’ll take it, since last Monday was such a bad one.  (We are dealing with Rufus being gone, but his sisters still cry at night, and one isn’t eating.  We miss the big orange lug!)

When I started thinking about writing this post last Friday, the title of it was going to be: “….hello?… is anybody there?….”  because the day that Michael Moore’s article was in the Missoulian, May 6, this ol’ blog had fewer hits than the day before.  And Friday was even worse.  But then, Saturday, ONE HUNDRED HITS!  One hundred hits on my blog.  Whew!  I guess people saved the article until they had time on the weekend,  and then checked it out.  Even better than that, I received TWO checks in the mail to send on to the Reeve Foundation!  Fantastic!  (By the way, I hope you all know that when you donate, you WILL receive a tax receipt from the Reeve Foundation… it helps out when April 15 comes around.)

Saturday at the RunWildMissoula’s Walking class, we had a guest speaker, Keith McConnell, PhD, who spoke to us on ChiWalking.  Though I haven’t yet read the book I bought from him, written by Danny and Katherine Dreyer, I can tell you that this is definitely a technique that I will be incorporating into my walking.  The way I understand it, ChiWalking uses good postural alignment, core strength, balance and the principles of T’ai Chi to help walkers increase endurance, efficiency and speed while moving with more ease and enjoyment.  Wow.  What’s not to like?  I practiced the little I know about it during my walk today, and the walk went so smoothly and beautifully that before I knew it, my walk was over, and I hadn’t mentally written this post.  (Darn!  I usually DO write my posts while I am walking.  It allows me to get quality thoughts organized… )  I look forward to reading the book and will no doubt be quoting from it in the near future.

Of course, yesterday was Mothers’ Day.  Happy Mothers’ Day, to all of you who are moms!  It is a true blessing to be able to spend Mothers’ Day with my mom, because until two years ago, when I retired from teaching and she still lived far away, there was no way I could get to her.  Now, it is simply wonderful to be able to spend the afternoon with my beautiful mother, whether it is Mom’s Day or not.  Here is one of my favorite poems:


You may have tangible wealth untold;
Caskets of jewels and coffers of gold.
Richer than I you can never be —
I had a mother who read to me.
— Strickland Gillilan (1869-1954) 

Many, many thanks to Sheila MacIntosh, Diane Dawson, Jim Rogers, and Jennie Carter for your very generous donations.  You make my whole project worthwhile!  Thank you so very much.  

5/7 – 5 miles hiking on Mount Jumbo (I had intended to just climb to the L, as in the fall that alone did me in and I needed lots of rest breaks to get there.  This time, no rest breaks, and I just steamed right on past the L…  guess I’m getting stronger!)
5/8 – 8 miles with the RWM walking class, 2 hours
5/10 – 4 miles, 1 hour 






  1. My Dear Sweet Sister

    I think you should get your money back from the Chi Walking guy and give it to your lovin brother Bill. I distinctly remember advising you to keep your head high, your shoulders back, your chest out, your stomach in and walk like the athlete you are. Isn’t that walking with good postural alignment? Just kidding, anything that helps you meet your goal is a ok by me.

    I am really happy to hear that you got such a good response from the news paper article. Sounds like one of David’s chain of miracles to me.

    Your lovin Brother Bill

  2. never heard of Chi Walking…sounds fun
    love to walk the Chi Walking….with you

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