Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | May 5, 2010

Walking with Superman

I have been blessed with many wonderful men in my life, many of whom I’ve written about in this blog: my husband Jim; lovingbrotherBill (I always refer to him as that here, because that is how he signs his cards, and also his comments on this blog) and also loving brother David;  my father, whose name was Jim; my first husband, yet another Jim.  All of these men are or were simply the best and most honorable of men.  I thank God for them every day.

But when I walk now on my training walks, I get to walk with Superman.  Really.  I mean this literally.  If you can’t see him there beside me, it is because you aren’t looking through my eyes … I see him as clearly as I see my own feet.  Superman himself strides with me each step of each walk.  It isn’t just Superman and me, though.  We have another walking companion, too, one who also will always be a hero – and it is because of him that I started this project.  

When my motivation to get out in the cold spring rain flags, I call on these two walking companions to pull me out the door.  They never fail me.  Do you need a little inspiration right at this moment?  Take just a few minutes and go to the site I have linked there at the upper-right hand corner, under Blogroll.  Yes, actually GO to the Christopher and Dana Reeve site.  Do it now.  You will read about people who are gardening from their wheelchairs.  You will read about a young man who had been told that he MIGHT just have the use of his left bicep only, who is now walking with a walker.  You will read about two high school best friends who were injured in separate accidents, and both now live with paralysis, and now years later both have dedicated their lives to making the world better for others.  You can read the biographies of Christopher Reeve, Superman himself, and of his beautiful wife, Dana, who did not ever let the change in their circumstances change their love.  Inspirational?  Oh, my.  It makes my heart race.  

After you become inspired by these stories, you might feel free to hit the second button down, which will take you to my own website at the Reeve Foundation.   Here is their mission statement: The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation is dedicated to curing spinal cord injury by funding innovative research, and improving the quality of life for people living with paralysis through grants, information and advocacy.  In other words, they help CARE and they are searching for CURE.  I can’t think of a better cause to support than that.  

Jim and I recently watched Christopher Reeve in the movie “Superman.”  There is a scene where he is saving Lois Lane after she has fallen from a helicopter.  He tells her, “Don’t worry.  I’ve got you.”  And she yells, “You’ve got me?  Who’s got YOU?”  Well, when you see me out on my training walks, you might just see me by myself.  But I am not alone.  Who’s got me?  I’m walking with Bob and Superman.

4/29 – Pilates class and 2 1/2 miles
4/30 – 4 miles and Nia class
5/1 – 6 miles with RWM Walking Class
5/4 – Nia class
5/5 – 6 1/2 miles including speed training with RWM walking class (13 min.22 sec. mile)
5/6 – Pilates class
5/7 Weight 187.4 lbs. down from 211


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