Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | April 30, 2010


I had promised myself to try to not miss the Wednesday evening edition of the Walking the Marathon class, mainly because it is one I need very much.  The focus of Wednesdays is SPEED, which tends to make me try to overcompensate for my lack thereof by becoming competitive, which is really NOT me.  (Usually.)  And, also, I am a morning person.  I like to do my exercise, whether it be exercising my brain, my body or my ability to speak coherently, relatively early in the morning.  After 5:00 in the afternoon?  UGH!  I have to beat myself up to get to the Wednesday class, so I had promised myself to TRY to not miss one.  Well, I did.  Another migraine had me down and out.

It hit sometime after the flat tire that stranded me in Rosauers parking lot.  Now, I do know how to change a tire, but honestly it has been decades since I’ve done one, and I don’t even know where the donut tire IS in the van, and would NEVER have found the jack.  And I don’t have a cell phone.  Luckily, there is still a pay phone in the front area of Rosauers.  My knight in shining armor, AKA Jim my husband, came to the rescue.  As it turns out, even he didn’t know exactly where the donut was, but at least he knew how to look for it.  Who knew it could be UNDER the vehicle?  

So, hours later, after the tire had been repaired and replaced (Thank goodness, also, for Firestone Tires who fixed the tire at no charge –  great guys!) I made it home just in time to collapse into bed.  Long story short, by the time I felt well enough to start rereading Julie/Julia by Julie Powell (who, you might remember, got me into this whole blogging business in the first place) I THOUGHT I might be able to go to class.  Standing up quickly put paid to that idea.  Head said no, even though heart was saying yes.  So, unlike Julie or Julia, who I am sure NEVER would have resorted to TV dinners, I made my way to the basement freezer, hoping that there might still be pot pies awaiting there and fully intending to cry if there weren’t any.  Lucky for me, no tears.  And lucky for me, one can still cook these things in a conventional oven, which though it takes a longer amount of time than a microwave, doesn’t take anywhere near the amount of fuss if one needs to cook two of them.

So, dinner was pot pies followed by an early night.  Why did I choose to be so wordy about my stupid headache?  Well, as I was wandering around my house trying to function in the just-getting-my-sight-back kind of bruised feeling, it dawned on me that I still have a fully functioning body to transport this bruised brain around.  The flat tire and bad headache kind of day can also happen to folks who are in wheelchairs, or use leg braces or deal with other types of problems from spinal injury.  I am truly blessed.  I hope that my efforts with this blog and with my walking the marathon pay off.  I hope that the donations that are coming in will multiply and that together they will help the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation find cures for the things that are much more scary than what I deal with.

Hey, if you have followed me for a while, or for that matter if you are new and kind of like what you read here, would you do me a SUPER GREAT BIG FAVOR?  Would you please pass on my blog address to a friend you think might also be interested?  It seems to me that if enough people read of the need to support the Reeve Foundation, there might be a few who can make a donation.  A few might become more.  OK, I’ll just go out on a limb here and be positive… More readers WILL mean more donations.  How’s that for chutzpah?

4/28 – rest day with migraine (oomph.)
4/29 – Pilates class at LLC



  1. that is so true, and so many times we forget to remember our many blessings. the things that we end up taking for granted could fill books! you are so wonderful to remind us to take a step back and to truly appreciate all that we have! you are an amazing inspiration! keep up the magnificent work lady!

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