Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | April 17, 2010

I did it!

My favorite professional story-teller is Jay O’Callahan, and he has a story about a little dragon who does some amazing things, and when the dragon is successful, he dances around singing “I did it, oh, I did it, oh, I did it, oh, I did it!”    So, imagine me with my green dragon tail up in the air, prancing and singing and laughing.  Yippee!  My first 10K is done!

The weather was perfect for it… cool and just a hint of a breeze.  I kept my pace, and even might have come is a little under the time I had set for myself.  The only disgruntlement that I have for the whole thing, is, honestly, the highway department has to do a little better job of putting the mileage signs up.  I passed the sign that said “Turah 1 mile” and kept on going.  Now, understand, by this time the runners are all long gone in front of me, and I’m thinking I am the last one on the route.  And I kept walking.  After a long time, I’m thinking that if I miss my turn-off, at least I might get to Rock Creek in time for the Testicle Festival in August, in which case, I’ll just sit right down and have a beer or six, and forget about the rest of the race.  (For those of you who are reading this from someplace other than Montana, yes, we really do have a Testicle Festival here, where they serve the newly severed accoutrements of what used to be bulls.  Oh, yes.  They also serve lots of beer.  And this festival IS in fact, in August.)  So, here I am, past the Turah 1 mile sign, long long past it.  In fact, I think about twenty miles past that dad-blamed sign, and there is the actual turn-off for Turah.  Which was the half-way point for the 10K.  OK, so, it couldn’t have been twenty miles, but, take my word on this, it FELT LIKE IT!

4/14 – 4 miles, including interval training with the RWM walking class (Love those folks!)
4/15 – Pilates class
4/16 – 2 1/2 miles First time using my new trekking poles. Great upper body workout, and it really ups the heart rate, without going faster!  
4/17 – 7 1/2 miles, including the lovely, wonderful GRAND FUN 10K SuperFun(D) Race at Bonner!  I am loving this project!

Now, if only the donations would start coming in!  Last but not least, thank you, my lovinbrotherBill for the very generous donation.  You are a blessing to me in every way.



  1. So proud of you Kimberly!!!

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