Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | April 13, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts on 10K

Another migraine sidelined me last evening, so I didn’t get my usual Monday post written.  According to my blog stats for the last several days, no one will have missed me, anyway, but I’m glad to be back up and running, believe me.

If you haven’t noticed it, check out the new page at the top of the blog from Missoula’s great mayor, John Engen.  He took time out of his busy schedule to write a supportive note for me, and I am truly grateful.  What a great guy!  I remember when he was in high school, writing columns for the Missoulian.  I see big things ahead for Mayor Engen, and I am glad we have him while we can.

Last week at the two RunWildMissoula walking classes, I definitely wasn’t in good form.  Whether I have been over training  (not likely, looking at my mileage, but possible looking at my body) or just fighting off a cold, I simply don’t know, but neither of the days went well for me.  It’s ok, as I know in any training schedule, one takes, not only rest days but rest weeks, wherein you scale back a little and allow your body to catch up to what you are asking it to do.  I’m cool with that.  So, this week, leading up to Saturday, I am doing fewer miles and saving my strength.

Saturday I am walking in my first 10K, at the RunWildMissoula’s SuperFun(D) race in Bonner.  Keep your fingers crossed for me, ok?  I won’t be posting on Friday, but will wait until after the race on Saturday to let you know how it went for me.

So, until then, I thought I would quote some things that I am trying to pack into this old brain of mine, so that on Saturday I can bring them out when I need them.  These are from Runner’s World Complete Book of Women’s Running by Dagny Scott.
*Concentrate on what’s in front of you.  When you are struggling, it can be devastating to try to envision yourself maintaining your pace for several more miles.  Instead, concentrate on maintaining your pace for just the next mile.  Toward the end of the race, you may need to think even shorter-term: Make your goal to hold your pace to the next block, or even to the next telephone pole.  When you reach your target, pick another one, and repeat the process as needed.
*Check in with your body.  Run down how you feel from head to toe.  Consciously relax your eyes, jaws, neck, shoulders, arms and feet.  Correct your posture.  Check your footfall.  Instead of focusing on fatigue, make sure you are running as efficiently as possible.  If you need to, when you reach your toes, start over and check yourself again. 
*Start conservatively.  When you think you’re at the right pace, slow it down one more notch.  The biggest mistake you can make in a marathon is to start off too fast.  This is an exercise in patience.
*Drink early and often.  Don’t wait until you feel thirsty. 
*Maintain your form…. The more you allow yourself to deviate from proper form, the harder you are making your body work to move forward.  Try to use the mile markers as reminders to do a form check.  Take this time to relax every part of your body and regain proper running form.
     (I had posted this, and while rereading it, realized that the above quotes are really very applicable to life in general, aren’t they?  I think we’d do better in all things if we took it slower, maintained our form, worked efficiently and drank more water.  Good things to keep in mind.)

On Saturday, I will keep MY INSPIRATION foremost in my mind.  I am doing this to raise money for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation to honor Bob and Lisa Heinle.  Each step I take is one that Bob wanted to take.  Each movement of my arms is one that Bob wanted to be able to make, so that he could once again put his arms around Lisa.  Someday, perhaps, medical science will be able to repair damaged spinal cords and allow these things to happen.  Wouldn’t that be a miracle?

4/10 – 3 1/2 miles (This was supposed to be my long workout, but I didn’t have more miles in me.)
4/12 – 2 1/2 miles 
4/13 – 3 3/4 miles



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  2. Hey Kimberly –
    lots of that cold and yuckiness going around this past week… glad you were able to take it easy. Lots of time to make up those lost miles, as they are always still there.
    When I became a runner in my 20s I also read and used that same book as my mantra, and I agree, I still use many of the lessons I learned even though I no longer run!
    Enjoy the weekend – it looks like beautiful weather!

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