Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | April 9, 2010

Springtime in the Rockies

One of the reasons I love living in Montana is the change of seasons.  It seems that at least once each season, I stop and think, “Yes!  This is my favorite time of the whole dang year!”  And though my favorite season is truly the deep autumn, there ARE times in each quarter of the rotation of the Earth around the Sun that make life on this beautiful planet simply spectacular.  Times that take one’s breath away.  And springtime is full of them.

Spring is full of surprises. You might turn a corner, and there is a whole yard full of crocuses, blooming as if God herself had scattered them.  One year I found johnny-jump-ups blooming in our backyard the day after my birthday.  Now, my birthday is in January, so this was REALLY pushing the season, but I accepted it as the birthday present I am sure it was.  Then, one year, when I was a little girl, my mother’s tulips were in bloom.  These were Emperor tulips, tall and huge as soup bowls, deep red with a black and yellow throat.  The scent, when a little blonde girl stuck her nose inside, was enough to live on, I think.  This particular year, just after the tulips bloomed, we had a late snow of about four inches, leaving the tulips looking for all the world like cups full of meringue.  My father took a photo of them in their odd glory, added a funny caption about how spring in Montana is so cold we have to water our flowers with antifreeze and sent it in to Gurney’s Seed Catalog.  And they printed the photo and the caption!  Whereupon, sometime later, we received a letter from someone who I am sure was a very nice woman:  “Dear Sir,  Please send us all the information you can on how to raise tulips watering them only with antifreeze, as my son wants to do his science project on it.”  Go figure.

Walking in the spring is especially lovely, as the birds seem to be in fine fettle, making nests and planning families. Isn’t there an old saying about “In the spring a young bird’s fancy turns to thoughts of love”?  So it is in our HOUSE, too.

Yes, indeed.  You see, our parrot, Jocko, has always, well, let’s just say, felt his oats in the spring.  This year is a little easier on us, though, as his “uncle”, lovinbrotherBill, built Jocko a nest box.   At first, Jocko was afraid of the box, and tried to ignore it, until one day, he just turned around, saw the box and said, “OH!”  (Yes, Jocko does speak English.  And he always uses the words appropriately, even the time I was walking with his travel cage across campus, and he saw the very cute young woman walking towards us, and said in his best Brooklyn accent, “Well, HELLO dere!  Nice GAMS!”  Luckily the young woman thought my green parrot was cute, and didn’t take offense. )  Now Jocko spends his time rummaging around in his new nest box.  I am sure he is moving furniture and decorating, or something, but anyway, he is busy and quiet.  When Jim came home from work today, Jocko said to him, “Well, Hello!”, jumped into the box, turned around, poked his head out the hole and said, “Come on in!”

4/6 – 2 1/2 miles
4/7 – 3 1/2 miles including speed play at walking class
4/8 – 1 hour on the Airdyne, working only my arms
4/9 – 4 miles, including 1 hour of Nia.  I wore the pedometer through the Nia class to see how many steps.  Interesting!
Weight – 193 pounds


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