Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | March 26, 2010


The last post of my blog was longer and of a more serious nature, so this one is short and light.  Make sure to read the previous entry, if you haven’t yet, as it reinforces my reasons for this little project.

Remember in the comic strip “Get Fuzzy” when Bucky is writing his poems based on “Reflections on a Grecian Urn” only his are “Reflections on a Vase”? His poems are on the order of: “Inside of my paw”; “Whacked out view of the toaster”; or “ACK! What horror is this? Oh, it’s Satchel.”  My husband thinks that one really has to be twisted to enjoy “Get Fuzzy” but honestly, that Bucky just simply cracks me up.  

So, earlier this week, after my walk, I indulged in one of the finer things in life, taking a long hot bath.  At the end of  my tub is a brass bowl, which currently holds left-over Christmas potpourri.  And, yes, the brass does offer reflections. (Not to worry, we are not talking about reflections of anything even remotely mammalian here.)  But as I was luxuriating in my soak, I watched the reflections of the steam coming off the water and I was thinking of all the wonderful hot springs that we used to be able to indulge in near Missoula; places within a closer drive than going to Fairmont.  Let’s see.  There was the Old Hotel this side of Lolo Hot Springs.  (That was my personal favorite… no cold plunge, but a lovely rustic indoor hot plunge.) There was Medicine Hot Springs.  There was Sleeping Child Hot Springs, and I am sure there are more that I can’t think of at the moment.  These places have all been purchased by people who have more money than we do, and are now privately held and privately enjoyed.  OK, if I had more money than God, would I not want my own private hot pool, too?  Probably.  But there is something sad about losing the public access to things that we used to take for granted.  There isn’t really an answer to this problem, and it just is a small sadness.  There are bigger things to worry about.   But I would love to go to Sleeping Child Hot Springs again, and float, looking up at the beautiful mountain, and dream and dream and dream.

3/24 – Nia with Barbara Riley at The Women’s Club (Grand fun!) and 3 1/2 miles in the walking class.
3/26 – 4 miles


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