Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | March 16, 2010

Birds and Jewels

As I have mentioned before, one of the things I am really enjoying on my walks is the marvelous variety of birds we have here in Missoula.  The birdsong that fills the air makes my own heart sing.  It feels as if the birdsong is the soundtrack to the coming of spring, full-hearted, full of life and simply bursting with new things to tell, new things to do and new, wonderful things to experience.  Oh, my heavens, I think the sound of a meadowlark must be liquid joy being poured into my soul.  Days like today, when the sun is shining and the birds are singing, how can we not want to be outside?  (I store up the sun and the birdsong in my mind for the days when I will have to beat myself up to go walk in the rain or the sleet or the cold, grey, spring wind.  I know it is coming.) 

Today I intended to walk up Duncan Drive to a place I know would make a six mile loop, but was thwarted by road work.  I felt mildly disgruntled, until I realized it was a perfect opportunity to practice the OTHER thing I am really enjoying about my walks, and that is discovering neighborhoods in Missoula that I have never seen before.  Now, I have lived here most of my 54 years, and I honestly thought that I knew Missoula about as well as anyone, but these last few weeks I have “discovered” little jewels of neighborhoods, with lovely homes and gorgeous settings.  These are places that should be showcased in Sunset Magazine.  Missoula is truly a lovely little city, isn’t it?

3/14 – 2 miles (including a lovely little walk with my friend Nora McDougal, The Computer Gal.  If anyone wants to know, Woods Gulch is TOO ICY to be fun to walk!)
3/15 – Nia and 2 1/2 miles
3/16 – Nia and 5 miles


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