Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | March 12, 2010


Has anyone ever worn a pedometer while doing their housework?  I wish I would have Friday, because I think I logged a few miles… of course not much in the way of elevated heart rate, but certainly lots of stretching and strengthening!  While housework is one of those things I would gladly pay someone else to do if I had more money than God, I also know how very fortunate I am to have a house to clean, clothes to launder and the time and ability to get it done.  

Here’s another throwing of the hat over the fence.  I have to make my decisions public, or else I might try to back out of them.  At the Nia class on Friday morning, Jody asked me if I’d be able to sub for her next Friday… and after some declining, I decided that I would do it.  So, if anyone is interested in dancing with me, I’ll be teaching Nia at the Downtown Dance Collective next Friday at 9:00.  This is the first step towards a workshop that Kimberlee Carlson and I are going to be team teaching.  I’ll do the Nia segment and she’ll teach a Feldenkrais segment.  For those of you who don’t know, Feldenkrais is a movement form that focuses your attention of correct movement, and I think it would be VERY good and very important for both walkers and runners.  

On Saturday I volunteered at the Run for the Luck of It race put on by RunWildMissoula.  I’ve never been involved with a race in Missoula before, and don’t want my first time being my BIG race in July, so I’m starting out slowly.  I worked controlling traffic at one of the intersections, halting cars to let the runners go by.  Lots and lots of fun, lots of great costumes, and lots of great people!   But, oh my heavens was it ever cold.  It took hours for me to get the feeling back in my fingers and toes.  That’s springtime in Missoula, for you.  I remember one year we had a foot of snow on St. Paddy’s day.

3/12 – one hour Nia  and TONS of housework.  (OK, I know I can’t log that, but I wish I could!)
3/13 – one hour Nia with Cathy Jenni teaching, and 2 miles walking



  1. My Darling Sister

    I don’t know anything about pedometers but I do about heart rate monitors. I highly recommend that you get one and wear it when you train.

    There is no Yin without Yang.

    Your loving Brother

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