Posted by: Kimberly Dredger | March 3, 2010

Flat seven!

Finally I have time to take another good long walk!  Today I walked seven miles, the first half at a good clip, the second half was just at a regular pace.  What a beautiful day for a walk.  I spent most of the time along the river trails, and had the wonderful good fortune to see a very large great blue heron, perched in a cottonwood.  He did not seem to mind the walkers and joggers, and was just enjoying basking in the sun.  How lovely!

Jim and I went to the Metcalf Wildlife Preserve on Sunday, and he took the photos that you see here and on the About Me page.  It is always almost bittersweet to visit the Metcalf, as my first husband and I once lived in a little house on the preserve, and I have many memories from there, including one gorgeous fall day when his father and I spread my late husband’s ashes in the river.  Of course, I can’t go there without thinking of that, but that was now more than 22 years ago, and I am always happy to go there and make new, good memories.  This Sunday was a perfect day there, sunny and full of bird song.  

So, on to logging my training walks:
2/28-  two and a half miles
3/1-   two and a half miles
3/2- two and a half miles
3/3- SEVEN miles, woohoo!



  1. You are doing wonderfully my darling Sister. I can hear the change in your voice already.

    Your lovin Brother Bill

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